Teenager Shot Dead By Backseat Passengers While Driving The Vehicle


Loved ones are enduring from loss of 19-year-old Annalysa McMillan, who had been captured and murdered while at the driver seat of her vehicle.

McMillan’s departure occurred five days later she turned 19.

“The previous text which she delivered for her step-father was that she loved him , these items are glued to hold tight if all is attempting to blow you apart,” stated Eastview Wesleyan Church Lead Pastor Mark Atkinson.

Marion police inform McMillan was driving in the intersection of Mason Boulevard and Baldwin Avenue at Marion Tuesday day when she had been shot in the trunk.

Authorities have preliminarily billed 22-year-old Austin Smith with crazy homicide for her passing.

They say Smith was in the grip of an assault-style rifle and was lounging in the rear seat behind McMillan as it moved away.

“I really do believe there are a great deal of things that there is no way to reply, so we just need to trust in the Lord,” Pastor Atkinson told.

What happened inside McMillan’s automobile remains under question, but her loved ones members and friends are coping with the frustration today.

“She had been an inviting, bubbly young woman that had a bright future and has been going in the ideal way,” Pastor Atkinson told.

She grew up seeing Eastview Wesleyan Church at Gas City.

Pastor Atkinson states McMillan was designed for a bright tomorrow. A couple of months before, he wrote a reference letter to her.

He states she is going to be loved forever.

“Should we concentrate on enjoying each other and treating each other fairly, then it creates these minutes far better,” Pastor Atkinson stated.

“Annalysa’s heavenly father picked her from her car and took her property. She wakes up in your home,” Pastor Atkinson replied.

This is the next murder this season in Marion and the fifth one for Grant County as a bulge sum.