14-Year-Old Girl Shot By A Woman After She Attempted To Rob Her


A 14-year-old woman who had been shot in the torso in a Chicago area Friday evening is presently confronting a tried robbery charge later officials stated she attempted to rob a woman she had been fulfilling to get a sale.

The Chicago Police Department said in a news announcement on Saturday the incident occurred around 5:45 p.m. from the town’s Little Village area, when 21-year-old Araceli Diaz met the 14-year-old woman following the adolescent ordered the assemblage to obtain a dog.

After the woman fulfilled with Diaz, police said the teenager pulled out a pellet gun, then struck the 21-year-old on the head to it and strove to take the puppy without financing for this.

“We are not certain where they met originally or the way they conveyed, but we do know is the 14-year-old did appear along with different aims and she pulled out a BB gun,” Chicago Police Officer Jose Jara.

In response, Diaz then supposedly picked out a handgun and shot the woman in the torso.

Chicago Police said in a news announcement the 21-year-old was discovered to possess a legitimate Illinois Firearm Owner’s Identification Card, or FOID cardto have a weapon, however no concealed carry permit.

The 14-year-old was attracted to a local hospital where she was treated because of her gunshot wound until she had been held Saturday morning and charged with attempted armed forces robbery.

Chicago authorities stated that Diaz is recorded to appear at court on Sunday.

“A BB gun may seem like a real gun and to anybody out there it is gont seem like a gun, into the authorities, and also to some person, and when somebody’s carrying plus they have their particular CCL they may utilize their own gun to defend themselves,” Jara told.