A Fourteen-Year-Old Began Firing At Texas After A House Party Gone Bad, Wounding His Sister And Killing Her Boyfriend


Police officers were summoned at roughly around 11:40 p.m. into a house in the 24000 block of Pepperrell Place Street at Katy, roughly 25 kilometers west of Houston.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez anticipated ten to twelve individuals were in the celebration while the fourteen-year-old got into a fight with his sister’s twenty-year-old boyfriend. The juvenile began shooting with a shotgun, wounding his eighteen-year-old sister and shooting on the boy, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated.

The sister was being treated at a nearby hospital and was stable after enduring operation, sheriff’s Sgt. Eric Clegg said.

“This is mostly a house celebration gone wrong,” Sheriff Ed Gonzalez stated on social networking.

The sheriff told that the fourteen-year-old was restricted at the house but wasn’t in confinement Sunday morning. Police Officials will exhibit the results of the study to a juvenile prosecutor, ” he said.

The parents of the little and his sister, that held the home where the gunfire happened, were about a holiday in Cancún, the police officers said.