Tekashi’s Female Friend, Jade And Her Child Mama Continues Complaining On Instagram


Whilst Tekashi is serving his sentence in prison, his girlfriend and kid mama continue beefing on Instagram.

6ix9ine’s child mama has lost patience and is ceaselessly conflicting on Instagram.

As we all are aware of, 6ix9ine and the mummy of his new-born had an excessively difficult dating.

According to the reports, Sara Molina and Tekashi have been dating one another since high school.

Moreover, the duo has a daughter together named Saraiyah.

Sara was pregnant with her new-born when she was 17 years of age.

The couple’s child is now 6-year-old.

The couple had a smooth going dating up till November 2018.

However, Sara was suspicious that 6ix9ine has someone else in his life and that he has been cheating on her.

Moreover, Sara said that she saw Tekashi texting a lady named Jade Wattley. But when she confronted him, Tekashi got furious and hit her within the face finishing in damage to her mouth.

It was later found out that Tekashi, at that time, was dating Jade.

Following the events, Jade started trolling Tekashi’s child mama on Instagram.

She directly added a meme on Instagram which was a straight attack on child mama.

Jade shared, “A ‘BABY MOMMA’ is a DEADBEAT.”

The meme made the child mama angry and she started to sing the toddler as turn the tables and bring back Tekashi to her.

She remains adamant as she makes the use of new-born in opposition to him and makes him, in addition to his different relation, is sorrowful.

“A ‘MOTHER’ doesn’t care about her child daddy’s non-public lifestyles, nor spends her time looking to deal with him. She places her kid important and manages her trade. Both you’re there, otherwise, you’re NOT,” she persevered.