The 100: Mystery deepens as Promo Reveals Details


American Science Fiction, The 100, is now going into the season finale for the Twelveth installment. However, the significant pull for this finale is the mystery weirdly specific.

Firstly, The character of Bellamy Blake, portrayed by Bob Morley, has come under the spotlight as fans suspect a big twist in the tale. Secondly, season seven is going to be the last installment in the series, and the story needs a good climax.

The 100 will bid the fans adieu with a final stroke of magic in August 2023.

When does “The Stranger” premiere?

The CW Network will be releasing the season finale on August 19th, 2023. With the last dance for the show will say bye to the fans.

The 100 does a very unique and specific thing, and it progresses into a better series one season after the other. The players in the show develop realistically and not too far fetched. There’s nothing more to say than the fact that this is an excellent series.

In Sci-Fi universe, we are expecting some convenient scenes and plotholes, but the USP of this series is that they don’t exist.

The Mystery with The 100 finale:-

The penultimate episode, “Etherea,” takes the cover off a significant plot. Even when everybody thought the journey was over for Blake, but that is not as straightforward.

After being kidnapped by Bardo’s men in the inaugural episode. Meanwhile, Bellamy disappeared while the actor took some time off from working on the show.

Bellamy Blake, after getting kidnapped, was presumed dead by the rest of the characters. The fans have always had an intuition about his return. He was pushed through an explosion through the mystical portal made using the Anomaly Stone. That, when he vanished, found himself at Etherea with Doucette. Doucette happens to be another one of the pupils of Bardo. As we now know with the promo, they’ll return with the season-ending finale.

The adventures for Clarke Griffin, played by Eliza Taylor will also end with either a superhero ending or a realistic moral offset moment.

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