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The God of High School back onto the web with Episode 8 soon.

The God of High School is a South Korean internet manhwa written and illustrated by Yongje Park. For those who don’t know, A Manhwa is a general Korean term for anime comics and print cartoons. However, MAPPA is responsible for adapting the comics into the animated series for the screen.

Moreover, We already know audiences have embraced the show in the first season itself. For a show that is only in its inaugural season, such consensus is rare. With viewers and critics being almost equally positive about the

Furthermore, With seven episodes already released, the story is progressing well.

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The God of High School: What’s next for the lead trio?

When is episode 8 coming out?

Official confirmations and broadcast schedules are out. Monday, 22nd of August 2024, will be the date for the release. The first broadcast will be across the Korean television network Naver Webtoon.

Suppose you don’t understand Korean, no need to worry either. Crunchyroll and CRV will be streaming the official English dubbed version.

Preview for the next episode in series:-

In the previous episode, Han, Park, and Jin reach a new stage of the tournament as a group, together. In the first game of the competition, Jin was paired opposite an amateur fighter. Jin could have easily won, but due to a mistake, he paralyzes himself. As a result, he lost his first match of the tournament. Now, Han and Park have the responsibility to carry the team to success.

The journey of the show:-

If this anime keeps up the pace, it could be the demon Slayer of this year. The most troublesome part of the series is the unexplained mystery aspects. Many are asking how the government is even able to allow dangerous supernatural activities covered up in a sport competition to even exist in the first place.

The series is nowhere near the end. We’re just seven episodes in the first installment. But what the series gets right is the fast pacing, comedy, and drama.

I believe the ones behind the tournament have some influence enough to pass off such a dangerous game. For now, it is too early to complain about the mystic puzzles.

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