God of High School Episode 11, know details


High school action-adventure Crunchyroll originals, The God of High School is about to air its final episodes. As the anime is about to set its climax, we can expect pretty bitt revelations and action-packed fights. One of which should be between team Seol lead by Jin Mori and team Jeolla lead by Park Ilpyo. With previous episodes giving more excitement, here is the full information for the release of The God of High School episode 11.

Release Date of The God of High School episode 11:

The episode 11 will air on September 14th, 2024 at 10:30 P.M. (Japan Standard Time). The show can be stream on multiple platforms like Crunchyroll, VRV and YouTube too.


The anime is an adaptation from a Manhwa(meaning Korean comics) under the same name The God of High School. In this action-packed anime, the organization invites people to fight in a martial arts competition named ‘The God of High School’. A secret organization organizes the tournament where the winner grants a wish of their choice. The main character Jin Mori is Taekwondo specialist. The protagonist fights with influential people, some of whom have borrowed powers from Gods, Demons, and other mythical creatures.


Review episode 10:

While in the previous episodes a fight between team Seil and team South Jeolla takes place. Wherein the first fight is between Han Daewi and Park Seungah. Both fighters fought well, but Daewi got the upper hand and won the match.


While in between the tournament, Sang Mandeok attempted to ruin the match with Nox’s attack. But luckily Park Mujin was there to stop it.

The semi-finals conducts between leaders of two teams, Jin Mori and Park Ilpyo, at the very same time Park Mujin and the staff members fight with Nox’s Attack which they succeed. But attack caused destruction, and the match settles down. The moment everyone took a relief, Park Ilpyo suddenly starts floating and changes his appearance.


The tournament is getting a lot more excitement with revelling some more power-ups.

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