The Eddy filming location and could there be a better place than that?

THE EDDY location

If you are a fan of Damien Chazella and his music in LA LA LAND, WHIPLASH, and FIRST MAN, then ‘The Eddy‘ is for you. In case you don’t know Damien Chazella, and you like jazz music, then you should watch watch ‘The Eddy.’ It is a musical drama series.

‘The Eddy’ is available on Netflix, releases on May 8, 2024. ‘The Eddy’ follows the story of failing the jazz club and the people who work at that place.

Owner Elliot Udo is a talented jazz pianist from New York City, but someone who has emotional immaturity. His on-and-off relationship with the lead singer of his home band is reflective of a general lack of commitment, something which is put into specific focus when his 15-year-old daughter turns up on his doorstep.

The show separated from the monuments that define it for the foreigners, drowned in the magic of jazz. The characters and the story feel raw and real.


‘THE EDDY’ tells the story of a trying jazz club alive and fight against every problem with underworld organization. The whole show is shooted in Paris.


The jazz music’s birthplace might refer to the united states of America, but it is also played, listened to in Europe. When it is jazz music in Europe, there is only place in the whole of Europe, and it is a city in France, Paris.

The directors want to shoot the show with a hint of Paris and his streets. So many scenes of the show have been shooted at the 12th arrondissement around these places.

For the realistic scenes, Damien Chazella parted the Périphérique(ring road) in two parts and shot at corners and sides of streets because it is not a tourist spot. Great work by Damien Chazella.

On the sets, there is only the club is made for the shooting. There is no other sets or places for the club.


There are many places for jazz music, which are in the united states of America like Chicago, NewYork, but there is no better place than this for The Eddy. Paris is the perfect location. Why ? for there are some reasons.


  • Stress between band crew and convicts.
  • Beauty of Paris and Eiffel tower.
  • Battle between the touristy section and the working-class side of it.
  • Mix of Paris(neighborhoods that remind one of Eastern Europe or North Africa).

AND yes, there is no club name “The Eddy” in the whole of Paris. But someone should start it after this show.

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