The Grand Tour: Seamen – What Does The Amazon Original Unfold In Season 4?

Image: Amazon UK
The Grand Tour: Seamen

The Grand Tour: Seamen is the fourth season of The Grand Tour, a British motoring television series is created exclusively for Amazon Prime Video. It premiered on November 18, 2016. Since then, it is a beloved Amazon series.

Season 4 of The Grand Tour is titled as ‘The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen.

In the previous three seasons, the episodes were released every week, but unlike to it, the fourth season will follow a different pattern.

The new season dropped its first episode on December 13, 2019. After that, the fans are eager to discover what will be coming next. However, there are no firm updates available yet.

The Grand Tour: Seamen – When will we have the second episode?

It is heard that the second episode of The Grand Tour: Seamen will be released nearly around May 2022. The production team will soon provide the further updates.

One thing that is confirmed already is that the second episode will not have to face any kind of delay due to COVID-19 or any other reason.

Here’s a recent tweet by Jeremy Clarkson, the creator.

How many episodes will this season have?

The news that left the fans in a great surprise was that season 4 of The Grand Tour, might have just four episodes. Jeremy had mentioned that they would be working on the next two events after the release of the second episode.

As seen in the previous seasons, The Grand Tour generally has 11 to 14 episodes. The news of the season 4 being short has created a great havoc for the fans.

However, the true count of the episodes is not yet known.

Image: The Grand Tour Fans
The Grand Tour: Seamen In The Boats

The Grand Tour: Seamen – What is the plot?

The trailer for the unreleased second episode of season 4 is not yet out. However, the upcoming episodes are expected to show how the three hosts manage their tour of Vietnam and Cambodia with the boats they have.

We will witness where the three hosts move for their next voyage. We might also see if their cars come back to them or they will have to manage without it.

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Who is featured?

The Grand Tour: Seamen Cast

The series is created by:

  • Jeremy Clarkson
  • Richard Hammond
  • James May
  • Andy Wilman