The Last Dance: Season 2 might have the untold story of Kobe Bryant.Here’s what we know.


The Last Dance is a 2024 American games mini-series about the pursuit of Michael Jordan. It comes with a specific spotlight on the 1997–98 Chicago Bulls season. The series highlights film from a group that had an all-get to go to the Bulls during the National Basketball Association (NBA) season. ESPN and Netflix reported their joint creation of the 10-episode mini-series in 2018, with an official trailer discharged on December 24, 2019. The initial two scenes published on April 19, 2024.


The Last Dance on Netflix is ending up being the GOAT with regards to sports account. It demonstrates you don’t have to have even a passing enthusiasm for the game. As indicated by a report from Variety, The Last Dance will show up on Netflix on July 19.

Will there be a season of ‘The Last Dance’ with Kobe Bryant’s story?

Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan
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Kobe Bryant may have tragically left in an appalling helicopter mishap in mid-2019, yet his legend lives on. Episode five of The Last Dance investigated Jordan’s competition/fellowship with the player, and is devoted to his memory. What’s more, it would seem that a potential Last Dance follow-up will revolve around the shocking player.

Like Jordan, Bryant was very faithful to his group, the LA Lakers, remaining with them for a splendid 20 years. What’s more, likewise with Jordan, Bryant had a camera team tailing him during his last season with the club that helps make him iconic.

One of the advantages of concentrating on Bryant is the relationship he had with Michael Jordan.

What began as a severe dynamic bloomed into a delightful fellowship, with Bryant messaging or calling Jordan at the entire hours to look for exhortation from his guide.

Jordan talked amazingly movingly about the player at his remembrance. “At the point when Kobe Bryant passed on, a bit of me died,” Jordan said.


Their companionship would consider a bridge between series, with a lot of stories coming straightforwardly from Jordan himself.

The Last Dance, as of now, has a very one of a kind airing art, although it’s still just a solitary season. Initially booked for June, the arrangement was shown by ESPN and Netflix to give individuals something to watch during the shutdowns/lockdowns of the coronavirus pandemic.

It will be fascinating to experience another season in the remembrance of Kobe Bryant. Looking forward, we, as of now, have no assurance that there will be a season 2. Although we can have the delight of season one episodes airing.

Until then, stay safe, and we will keep you updated.