The Witcher Season 2: Spin-offs, and all Updates You Need!

The Witcher

The Witcher is an action, adventure-based Polish-American drama. This drama took inspiration from a novel series which goes by the same name as the drama, and written by Andrzej Sapkowski. Lauren Schmidt Hissrich created as well as served as the executive producer for the show. Season one pertaining eight episodes aired on Netflix on December 20, 2019. 

Updates on Season 2, Spin-off and the Prequel:

Along the release of The Witcher Season 1, Netflix announced the arrival of Season 2 any-time in 2021. The second season also remains sought to have eight episodes.

The Witcher

Season two features four new directors. Each director will be in charge of two episodes, i.e. each director will handle one blocks out od the four. The two known are: Stephen Surjik of The Umbrella Academy, and Sarah O’Gorman of Cursed & The Last Kingdom. Surjik will take care of the first block of The Witcher. They recently reported that hs part of the production got wrapped up.

Sarah has worked out in bringing new and exciting locations such as the ruins of Fountains Abey. She remains working for the episode 3 and 4, with the revival of Mahesh Jadu aka Vilgefortz of Roggeveen. The shoot goes on, also involving Lars Mikkelsen aka Stregobor.

Season 2 will also feature some new characters!

The Spin-off:

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf seems to have got announced in January 2024. It will serve as the first anime film of this franchise. They will plot around Geralt’s mentoring witcher Vesemir. The production house plan to reveal this anime on screens before the Season two release.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf

Prequel of The Witcher:

A live-action limited series by Netflix, The Witcher: Blood Origin remained declared on July 2024. The story will plot to 1200 years before Geralt’s arrival. This story will portray how the Witchers originated. Lauren, along with Declan de Barra, will produce and run this new prequel.

Recently, Netflix revealed to have cast Aquaman’s Jason Momoa for the Blood Origin. 

Declan tweeted a picture which shows the virtual meet-up of the writers of Blood Origin. They have planned on a six-episode prequel with a fantastic plot set for the audiences’ amusement. The team still are working upon the development of the story, though.

Release of The Witcher:

All these sequels and prequel and anime will come to our screens in the year 2021. With a lot of excitement in our hearts, we can only wait for the arrival of new fantasy story.

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