Top 7 Cities you Should Visit At Least Once


There are many cities around the globe that you should visit at least once, but there are at least seven that must appear on your list. Anyone who has a passion for cities probably loves traveling to new cities around the globe. It is not easy to pick which cities to visit and those to ignore.

All travelers want a unique experience that is dissimilar to their previous encounters. This article has put together a collection of cities with vast experiences for travelers to enjoy during visits.

1. Marrakech, Morocco 


Marrakech is considered one of the fascinating cities in the world. This city pulls tourists from all corners of the world, and it is impossible not to see why. It will take you a short time to notice the vibrancy and life that overflows in that city during your visit. Both these factors make this destination ideal for travelers.

Marrakech is a culture-rich city, and you should expect to see artifacts you have never seen before. It offers a sense of vibrance and adventure, making it a top tourist destination. The lively environment is charming to the visitors and its historical attractions.

Marrakech has a famous Djemaa el Fna market that pulls tourists from all global parts. This market is filled with dancers and charmers and storytellers at night, keeping the travelers entertained for hours.

2. Lisbon, Portugal


Lisbon is a major city located in Portugal, and it doubles up as the capital city. It is among the most beautiful cities in the whole of Europe due to its stunning views. Lisbon has colored buildings and narrow streets that make your experience worthwhile. These buildings tell a story of the city’s past.

However, this does not suggest it is a dead city. Lisbon has a modern culture and has an imposing music scene. This city is ideal for party-lovers due to the numerous party spots.

3. Monte Carlo, France 


Monte Carlo is one of the most administrative cities in Monaco. It is among the leading tourist attraction cities, with millions of tourists flocking in annually. Monte Carlo is ideal for casino lovers due to the numerous casinos.

With only 15000 people, this city is the world’s smallest region, but it still has the best hotels and restaurants. You can participate in casino games in this city, and some are found at Other places of interest are the Palais Du Prince and Larvotto beach.

4. Istanbul, Turkey 

Istanbul is an amazing city since it appears at crossroads. This city has always linked the east and west, making it important. This city feels very European on one hand, even though it sits in the Middle East. This city offers a one-time experience that you cannot find in other cities.

Istanbul is home to over 15 million people and is a beautiful dynamic. This city has historical sites that show the city’s rich culture. It also has vibrant neighborhoods that feature high-end cafes and restaurants.

The most significant feature in this city is the Bosphorus Strait. This strait divides the Asian and European sides of the town. Visitors can rent out boats to see the best views in the city. Istanbul is also known for its fantastic food. Its chefs are known globally for their Turkish dishes, which pull many visitors.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands 


Amsterdam is the capital city of the Netherlands and is known for being liberal and vibrant. Both these features make the city ideal for tourists around the world. This city emerged as a trading city back in the 18th century and has grown since. Amsterdam has an exciting art scene that is partly responsible for the vast attraction.

This city is widely known for its canal system. Most tourists use canals when cruising, even though there are other methods to enjoy the waterways. This city is flat, making it a haven for cyclists. It has over six thousand buildings protected as monuments that trace back to the 17th century.

6. Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen is an easy and relaxed city adored by millions of people globally. Most tourists spend the entire vacation walking in the city to experience its rich culture. There are other activities to indulge in besides viewing the city views. An example is visiting Tivoli Park.

This city has old buildings that elaborate the city’s culture. Denmark is ranked as one of the safest countries, and Copenhagen is partly responsible for that success. It is also one of the cleanest cities, ranked sixth as the best city to live in.

Despite the city’s size, it maintains a low criminal activity. Copenhagen is also ideal for cyclists due to its flat terrain. It has dedicated some road sections for safe cycling. This is among the few cities where bicycles outnumber cars. It has a population of 1.3 million people and was recently voted as the happiest city in the world.

It will also help to try the Danish classics during your visit. Copenhagen’s street food is known globally. It has something for everybody, from cheap to high-end restaurants.

7. Beirut, Lebanon 


Beirut is a city that has experienced conflict for many decades. However, those days are way past us, and it is now considered a safe destination. Not everybody will have the courage to tour this city, but it has recently seen an increase in tourists.

Beirut has a vibe that is hard to find in other cities. The city is always buzzing with activity and will make you feel invigorated. Beirut residents are among the most hospitable people globally. It is impossible to end your vacation without new friends after your trip.

Beirut is also the fashion center of the Middle East countries. It homes some great designers like Reem Acra and Elie Saab. Many designer clothes in the world have been manufactured here.

Final Thoughts 

There are many cities in the world, and you should strive to at least visit some during your lifetime. Examples of top cities you should consider are Lisbon and Marrakech. The above article has discussed a few cities, but there are many others you can consider.