Umbrella Academy Season 2 Every Latest News About Releasing, Cast, Plot And Is It Cancelled? What News Say?

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How much more this pandemic could be irritating? Umbrella Academy season 2 release will be affected and delayed. The series talks about the story of 7 different kids with super powers who were born without there mother being pregnant different parts of the world. All of them had distinct powers.
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When is the season 2 coming up?

The show got a go ahead for season 2 in April 2019 but still we have a release date of the same. The cast and crew started the shooting process in the month of June 2019, and got it done by November of the same year. But we should expect delay in the release of the second season due to this apocalypse.
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Who are the returning casts for season 2?

David Castaneda as Diego Hargreeves, Robert Shaheen as Klaus Hargreeves, Ellen Page as Vanya Hargreeves. Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, Emmy Lampman as Allison Hargreeves. Aiden Gallagher will be fiifth, a teenager with power to travel between space and time.
Adam Godley as Ken Hall, Colm Feore as  Sir Reginald Hargreeves, John Magaro as Leonard Peabody, Mary J Blige, as Cha-Cha, and Cameron Britton as Hazel. Justin H Min as  Ben Hargreeves or Number Sixth.
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Umbrella Academy Season 2 Plot out?

The climax of last season saw everyone traveling to the past because of the misery and apocalypse created by Vanya by destroying the moon.
In season we could see Ellen’s character shift as he gained new powers and abilities. It would be interesting to see the reaction of her friends and the viewers along with she herself.
There can be progress in Robert Shaheen’s character as well.
We could see more of Sir Reginald Hargreeve as the story is a narration of the past. Hoping it to be interesting in Reginald’s way.