Umbrella Academy Season 2 poster out: What do the easter eggs in

With so much of negative atmosphere around, it is sometimes so much to ask for when it comes to peace. But here is something that will fill your day with happiness and positivity too. The new poster of Umbrella Academy season 2 is revealed. This article talks about every bit of detail of the poster.  But before going on ‘SPOILER ALERT’
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Is the poster of Umbrella Academy Season 2? 

The poster was released by Netflix on Monday in which each cast of the show is shown wearing goggles and each glass of goggles have a reflection of Easter Eggs. So what would this mean? Does it signify anything or has it to do with next seasons storyline? Lets see.
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What is the release date of the show?

Second Season of the show will be aired on 31st July. The series Umbrella academy is based on a comic book series of Gerard Way. Way was the creator and writer of the book which was then illustrated by Gabriel Bá.
What all is going in this series?
The comic was published by Dark Horse Comics. The story revolves around seven kids who were born along with other 36 infants whose mother didn’t show any pregnancy signs before there birth. All of them didn’t have any sort of connections, where random women who gave birth to these kids.
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A billionaire adopted these seven kids and found they had some sort of powers. He trained them to become the guardians of the Earth. The series begins with the  reunion of six of the whole, who survived the apocalypse, on getting the death news of their father. They found their father’s death to be mysterious, and decided to unveil the case.

What is going to happen in season 2?

If reports are to be believed the plot of season 2 will be regarding Five’s warning in context of using power to escape from the Vanya’s destruction will have negative impact was right. Five is played by Aiden Gallagher. All the brothers are trapped in different time zones of Dallas, Texas.
Some of them have been leading their life ahead after landing in the past. Five has been the last person to reach somewhere in the time zone. His time zone was on verge of destruction i.e. in process of destruction due to  nuclear war.
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The reason behind this doomsday and other abnormal situation is the change in the timeline created by these people. In order to put everything back to normal they need find ways to be together and find the source of disturbance causing tge doomsday. Treat the situation then go back to current timezone save the day from the Swedish Trio murderers as well as the other apocalypse.