Tom Bergeron Fired: He’ll Not Host Dancing With The Stars Anymore


Tom Bergeron and his co-host, Erin Andrews, Fired from the Dancing With The Stars. ABC is let going the hosts. Mr.Bergeron was hosting the show for the past 15 years. He has spent his quarter-life for hosting Dancing With The Stars. He is hosting the show since the show is started. Mr.Bergeron had successfully hosted 28 seasons of Dancing With The Stars. There are some co-host came and go.

Erin Andrews, sports announcer and former contestant is also out of the show. Mr.Bergon and Erin were hosting a show from season 18. But now you will see the show without these hosts. He is famous and liked by people because of jolly nature and comic timing.

Why Tom Bergeron Fired?

Mr.Bergeron twit about show. It is very disappointing for him.

ABC and BBC Studios production company. They need a new creative direction of Dancing With the Stars. Mr.Bergeron does not fit in this place. The last season finale has the lowest viewership record. It may be the reason. Because of this reason production company fires Mr, Bergeron and Erin Andrews.

It is not the first time that any company is firing the host. In the past some big show has change the hosts.

Everyone is a fan of his anchoring. After his twit on twitter some contestant thank him. A contains from season 6 says that Tom Bergeron making her six seasons memorable.

Who Is New Host?

Tyra Banks will be a new host of Dancing With The Stars. She is a well-known Tv actor,  and is recognizable all around the world, a supermodel, and a successful businesswoman. ABC wanted to bring some freshness into the celebrity show. She will host the show and involves in behind the scenes as an executive producer.

Bank has hosted so many big shows America’s Got Talent, and America’s Next Top Model is one of them. Hope that Bank will rejuvenate the appearance.

Show Hosted By Mr.Bergeron

Tom has hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos TV series for 15 seasons. He also hosted Hollywood Squares from 1998 to 2004, and it was a game show.

Tom Bergeon is not part of Dancing With The Stars. Now, he can come as a celebrity.

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