A Closer Look: What’s Included In A Comprehensive Home Inspection

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Getting a comprehensive home inspection from a reputable and licensed home inspection agency can ease a lot of troubles when you are planning to pre-list your house. Also, when you are planning to buy any property, you must check if the property has been inspected or not. A thorough inspection ensures that the value of the house is ascertained and that the property is safe for living.

Home Inspection: What Is Included And What Is Excluded

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So the next time you are planning to sell your house, consult home inspectors Louisville ky, to get a certified report of the problem areas in your house. An authentic report will ensure that you do not have to sell your property at any price below its market value.

Inspecting The Roof

The roof and the foundation of the house are the two most important and also the most problematic parts of a house. If the roof and the foundation are well-made, then the cost of repairs and maintenance will be significantly less.

A roof that is not well made will lead to leakage problems during the rain or after a snowfall. A house that has leakage issues will fetch half the price on the open market compared to a house that does not. So, an inspector checks the roof thoroughly to give the home seller or buyer a good idea of what lies ahead.

An inspector checks the roof covering materials, the vents, and the flashings. The reports will also include active roof leaks that are present at the time of inspection. However, an inspection report is not expected to give any idea of the average life expectancy of the roof.

Most inspection companies have insurance coverage, so if they damage any part of the house during the inspection, the owner gets compensated. So, the home inspector will not touch any installations on the roof, like antennas, so as to avoid damaging any part of the roof during the inspection.

The Basement And Foundation Of The Home

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The foundation, the basement, the crawlspace, and the structural components of the basement will be checked thoroughly in a comprehensive home inspection. The type of foundation and the location of access to the underfloor space will also be included in the report. Apart from that, there will be recommendations for improvement if the inspector notices any foundation movement or an area of active water penetration.

Again, since the inspector has to make sure that he does not damage any structure during the inspection, he will avoid entering crawl spaces that are not easily accessible. In short, the inspector will avoid anything that will cause bodily harm to himself or damage to the property.

Inspection Of The Exterior Of The House

A home inspector will check the material used for constructing the exterior walls of a house. Moreover, some doors and windows will also be checked. The steps, stairways, ramps, porches, patios, and decks will also be given due consideration in the report.

However, for glass structures, the safety type of the glass will not be included as part of the report. Underground utilities, seawalls, breakwalls, solar, wind, and geothermal systems will not be checked for a regular home inspection.

Checking The Heating System Of The Property

Heating systems are crucial in cold and temperate countries to maintain the temperature of the house. Keeping a check on the heating systems is essential because faulty systems can cause major accidents, which can affect the inhabitants and the property.

Factors like the energy source used for heating, the heating method, and the location of the thermostat of the heating system are taken into consideration during an inspection. However, the heating system of the property will be checked under normal operating conditions.

Chimneys, fire chambers, heat exchangers, and fresh air intake systems are usually not checked. Also, checking for the uniformity of the heating systems is not a part of the inspector’s job.

The Cooling System That Is Installed in The Property

Just like the heating system, which keeps a house warm during cold and chilly days, the cooling system cools the ambient temperature on hot days. If the cooling system is not installed properly or if some component is damaged, that too can lead to serious accidents. So, the home inspection report mentions the condition of the thermostat in the cooling system.

The Plumbing Of The Property

The plumbing of a property is crucial for preventing leakages. A faulty plumbing system can cause nightmares in your kitchen and the washrooms. Nobody likes to see a sink that gets choked up all the time. So, if you are planning to sell your property, the condition of the plumbing is one essential consideration that the potential buyer will make. Hence, a home inspection report will have details like the condition of the main water supply shut-off valve.

The interior water supply, including the fixtures and the conditions of the drain, will also be checked. However, the condition of the storage tank, the pressure pumps, factors like the time taken to obtain hot water, etc., will not be a part of the inspection process.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Home Inspection Company

There is no doubt that getting a thorough inspection done is necessary, but getting it done from a good agency is all the more essential. So these are the factors that you must keep in mind while hiring an agency or company.

  • The company must have all the necessary licenses so that its report has due credibility.
  • The company should have wide experience in generating inspection reports.
  • The company should present its report in a manner that is easy to understand for a person who is not an expert.


The foundation of the house, its roof, the basement, heating and cooling systems, etc. are critical determinants of its long-term worth. So, getting a home inspection done from a reputable agency and paying heed to the recommendations is important if you wish to sell or buy prudently.