When will Locke And Key begin the shoot for Season 2?


The second season of Locke and Key is expected to explore more about the keys, and they’re and reveal all the secrets about them.

As per reports, Netflix has already approved for the second season of the superhero original, Locke And Key. This superhero series has several themes, including fantasy as well as horror. The plotline of the story is about throwing siblings and their mother who move out into their father’s childhood house together.

Locke and Key
A still from Locke and Key Season 1

Initially, while settling in, they didn’t realize that this house is filled with a lot of dark secrets. There are some magic keys as well as a treasure that is well hidden from plain sight.

Will Locke And Key have a Season 2?

As per reports, back on March 30, 2024, the production team of the show says that a second installment of this superhero series is currently in work. They also said that the new season would consist of even more key characters and more demons to disturb the lives of the main characters of the series.

Where will the production take place?

If the reports can be trusted, the creators are focussing on all the schedules around Toronto, Canada. And as we all know, due to the Corona Virus pandemic is spreading at such a rapid speed that no one would risk to experiment a lot at the moment. Also, at present, there are two showrunners, Carlton Cuse and Meridith Averill. These two are the ones who are playing a significant role in season 2 of the show.

Locke and Key
A still from Locke and Key

In an interview with Gamespot, the show creators have said that the writers are working hard on the second installment of the series. However, they also said that, if there is a scenario that Netflix will drop them, they are ready for that too. Also, Connor Jessup, who plays the role of Tyler Locke, was reported expressing that he is expecting the second installment to start the development process soon.

What can we expect from Locke and Key season 2? 

Of you a fan of the show, you already know that what the first season had in store for us. It was a complete roller- coaster ride of adventure. For the people who have not seen the first season are surely missing out on this mystery ride. The first season ended with the most exciting turn of events.

After seeing the ending of the first season, it was sure that there would be a second season to reveal the mystery. They ended Locke and Key season 1, by introducing a series of events that brought all the things to a downhill. It also did not let us know about the trouble in which the characters were.

Locke and Key
A still from Locke and key Season 1

In the final scene, the siblings were almost in a situation to enter the dangerous and horrifying room in existence. Dodge managed to fool the siblings by making them feel that they won. That was her act to make them lose their minds in the win and forget about her and her dirty missions. With such an ending, the show definitely will have to come back and answer the curiosities of the audience.

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