Will Giri/Haji will continue on Netflix? What are the updates on Season 2?


The streaming giant Netflix and BBC has co-produced the show Giri/Haji, or we can call it Duty/Shame. This show is a crime based drama. It focusses the spotlight on a fellow detective who is on a mission to find his brother in London, which as everyone knows, is a complex city.

If you are a fan of Narcos or Money Heist, this is the perfect show for you. The crew behind the show is fantastic.

Giri/ Haji
A stil from Giri/ Haji

What is the plotline of Giri/Haji?

On reaching the desired place, he makes a shocking discovery that completely changes his life upside down. The show is entirely spread through the locations of London and Tokyo, and it also follows a dark tale that is bombasted with killing masses and other crooked tricks.

Who are the crew members for the show?

The creators of the show are the same ones who once created shows like The Split, Chernobyl, and Broadchurch. Also, the best part of the Giri/ Haji is the writer of the show is Joe Barton. We all know that he is a BAFTA nominee.

Some other notable works of Joe are, Human and The Ritual. Also, Julian Farino is the BAFTA winner and even the nominee of Emmy Awards. She is the one who has helmed this show, and her brilliant work includes Sex and the City and Entourage.

How many languages has Giri/Haji released in? 

Both English and Japanese are wholly employed in this show. But, the British version of the show was created and released on BBC with the name Duty/ Shame.

As per the collection and reach, the show seems to have done great. This is the reason that fans are hoping that Netflix releases a Season 2 for the Giri/ Haji.

Is there a Season 2 for Giri/ Haji?

For its beautiful storyline and A-Class performances, the show has gained a positive review from both, the critics and the people who watched the whole series. But, now the only question that comes in the minds of the fans is whether Netflix will renew for the next season?

Giri/ Haji
A still from Giri/ Haji

We all know, Season One of Giri/Haji was put out for the fans on 10th of January, 2024 with eight exciting episodes. Also, the best part is the storyline of the first season has left enough hints for the development of the Second season.

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