Will the “Sandition” have season 2?

Remember the history.
History relives itself.

What is Sandition? A historical drama? Is it starting again?

Few questions that are frequently asked. This series is made on an unfinished novel by James Austen with the same title, i.e., ‘Sandition.’
The story is all about the young Charlotte Heywood, who travels to this quiet village, Sandition. She has high spirit, is unconventional, and accepts every twist and turn of life along with all the surprises that life has to offer.
History is real?
Waiting for the history to play the game?
Still, everything changes as she meets charming Sidney to convert the tranquil seaside into a resort. Even though they so many problems with each other, will they be able to stay together.

When is the series coming out? 

It was premiered on 25th August 2019 on ITV in the UK, which aired in the US later on PBS network, on 12th Jan 2024. Unfortunately, it is an incomplete novel as the author i.e., Austen, died after completing 11 chapters of the book.
Love is in the history, too?
Historic love re-making it space?

New update on its renewal?

It is said that the series was discontinued after the first season due to low viewership. As it is a joint venture of ITV and PBS, but after some time, ITV broke the contract, and it was tough for PBS to handle such massive production due to its budget being so high.

Is Netflix willing to buy the rights?

There hasn’t been any official statement of renewing the show on its platform, and even we can’t say it is off the table due to the current pandemic. But maybe after some time, they may have a better outlook for the event, but poor viewership will be a roadblock in this Journey.

Read the history carefully?
Behind the scenes of the history

More details about Sanditon?

Even if the series gets its official right to Netflix, one shouldn’t expect it before 2024 as it will require time to make, shoot during this apocalypse. But before that doesn’t seem possible due to the current situation. More likely, there won’t be any change in the cast and crew apart from Annie Reid.