Young Mother Finds Horrifying Rude Note On Car’s Windscreen After Returning From Shopping With New-born


A young mother returned to her car with her new-born baby and surprisingly found a rude letter pinned on the car’s windscreen.

The mother, aged 19-year-old, took her daughter Christmas shopping at Westfield Carousel in Perth, Australia, before finding the abusive note on her car.

The note read, “Thanks, c*** face. Parents with prams are for parents with babies, not for p-platers who think the world owes them something.

“I’m a mum of a new-born who needed the park.”

To mark this disgraceful event, the mother posted the picture of the note on Facebook to shame the woman who pinned it there.

While explaining her stand, she said, “To the lovely lady who left this on my car at the carousel shopping center, I’m going to say you just couldn’t see the capsule base in the back of my car.”

“It’s Christmas time, and we are all frustrated but think she needs to understand they are only courtesy parks, and therefore, actually anyone can park there.’

“I do give her the benefit of the doubt, she was probably tired and exhausted like other new-born mums.

“We laugh it off. My mum does notice a lot; I get treated differently due to age. But no point in getting upset over it. I have a beautiful baby.”