13 Reasons Why Season 4: Unknown facts, release date, plot, and everything you need to know!


Has Netflix’s most controversial series been renewed? 

Oh yes, the fourth season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why will be the controversial US show’s final season.

And it seems like this season is going to be the most controversial one among others given that the show attracted a barrage of negative press for its inclusion of a graphic suicide scene in the past.

Thirteen Reasons Why season 3 aired on Netflix in August 2019 and the renewal of the fourth season has been officially confirmed through the series Instagram account.

13 Reasons Why: Release Date

Since the series has premiered in 2017 on Netflix, it has been landed with a new season on the platform every year.

So we expect the fourth season to go on air in 2024.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that production is underway.

We cannot pin a precise date down because previous seasons of 13 Reasons Why have refused to follow a set release pattern. 

The show premiered in March 2017, and then season two landed in May 2018, followed by the third season in August 2019.

Each season so far has taken around 14 months to produce and film.

Season Four was already underway as of August 1, 2019, so that would roughly place season four somewhere around October 2024 — but don’t hold on to that.

However, Netflix is yet to announce any official release date.

Also, it hasn’t yet revealed how many episodes we can expect, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say 13 because… well, it’s relatively apparent why!

13 Reasons Why: Cast and Crew

So it’s been clear that Hannah and Bryce (Justin Prentice) won’t be back unless it’s in flashbacks.

However, as for the others, Clay (Dylan Minnette), Justin (Brandon Flynn), Tony (Christian Navarro), Alex (Miles Heizer), Tyler (Devin Druid), Zach (Ross Butler), and Jessica (Alisha Boe); all are likely to return.

It brings no surprise that Deaken Bluman returns in the role of Winston as well. 

Even though his character was introduced in the third season, he played an essential part in Monty’s storyline, and the finale hinted his time with the show isn’t quite over just yet.

Brian Yorkey, while introducing a new face, confirmed in September that veteran actor Gary Sinise would join the cast for season four as Clay’s “compassionate but no-nonsense therapist” Dr. Robert Ellman.

13 Reasons Why: Plot and what can we expect?

No cogent plot has been revealed yet by the showrunner, what can be said for sure now is that the narrative will follow the characters as they graduate high school.

Keeping in mind the shows’ past controversies, we’d expect it to strike the same tone in the final chapter.

There are many questions left to explore in the final chapter, and hopefully, it will answer them all.

Will Winston uncover the truth about the gang’s cover-up? 

As Monty was with Winston, it seems likely given that he knows Monty didn’t kill Bryce. 

But who did it is yet to be revealed? 

Is Bryce going to be back in the fourth season? 

As we know now, nothing can be predicted in this show. 

But during an interview with THR, Justin Prentice told me that he feels his story is done, “I feel like we’ve kind of hit and explored all the different facets of Bryce. Moving on with my career, I feel like we put it all out there, and we didn’t leave anything behind, which is comforting.”

Then there’s the kind-of unresolved story of Tony’s deported family – will we see them again? “I hope that Tony’s ability to fully embrace his new role as someone who can not only help others but also ask for help and be okay receiving help,” actor Christian Navarro told Cosmopolitan.