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BTS Teases Tour Kicking Off In April [ 2020 ] Tour & Fans Go Wild

BTS fans couldn’t hold back their excitement on Dec. 23 following the K-pop group’s management company, BitHit Entertainment, shared a photo that teased an upcoming tour on Twitter.


It looks like BTS Might Be back on the road and in planes Again soon! The highly successful K-pop music band’s management company, BigHit Entertainment, left a small surprise article for fans in their Twitter page on Dec. 23 and now it is all their supporters can talk about! The article involves a picture that shows a reflection of seven members, such as V, Jungkook, Jimin, SUGA, Jin, RM, and J-Hope, status near purple-colored water and the word”TOUR” in large white letters at the base. “April 2020. Stay tuned,” the caption for the tweet.


Once the article went up, it did not take BTS fans long to make the group A trending topic and speculate on what the tweet may mean (excursion? Live album?) As well as discuss their anticipation. “are you guys hoping the tour statement is all about a genuine tour or hoping it is the name of the comeback? Lowkey wants it to be about a comeback, therefore I have more time to acquire money but in precisely the exact same time I’m in quite desperate need of a comeback,” one tweet. “I want to save for it!” another read. Another excited fan asked.
BTS has yet to confirm or deny anything regarding the tweet and we are not certain whether they’ll reveal exactly what’s happening before April, but the article is definitely a hint that the new year will most probably be a terrific success like 2019 was. Fans were about the epic’dance fracture’ they had throughout their performance and videos of the unforgettable moment surfaced throughout societal media.

We look forward to finding out what is in store for BTS at Apr. 2020! We’ll be paying attention to their Twitter webpage to see if any more info Is released soon!

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