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Black Widow: The final release date of the Marvel movie has been announced!

Black Widow is one of the very first characters that come to our mind when we talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The most influential and amazing female character, Black Widow, or Natasha as we call her, has always impressed us. And hence, fans’ eagerness to witness her in a stand-alone film is completely justified.

After a very long wait, we finally have a release date and other official details about the movie. Dive right in to know all about the upcoming project.

Black Widow movie Release date

As per the recent updates, the movie will be released worldwide on November 6, 2020. However, sources say that the makers are planning to release it in the UK a week before the worldwide release.

Originally, the movie was supposed to release in May this year in both US and UK. But, due to the worldwide outbreak of coronavirus, the project was put on indefinite hold. Disney’s recent statement suggests that in the UK, Black Widow will release one week before it releases in the rest of the country. So, the premiere date of the movie will be 28 October 2020 in the UK.

What to expect from this upcoming film?


Scarlett Johansson will be playing the lead role and the movie will be a part of MCU Phase 4. In Avengers: Endgame, we bid a final goodbye to this character. But, she will re-emerge with many new objectives and even a fresh look!

The character will be seen in a new white suite with a changed overall look. This will bring out a new appearance of Black Widow paired with new elements in the storyline.

Black Widow trailer and teasers

Luckily, Marvel has given out some teasers, promo clips, and trailers for us to have an idea about the movie. We can expect an action-packed film and Natasha’s attempts to explore her past. In addition, dealing with her past, she’s going to explore her broken relationships. These “relationships” were broken after she became an Avenger.

The final trailer suggests that the broken relationships of Natasha are actually her family. You can have a look at the official final trailer of the movie below.


The trailer looks amazing and hopefully, so will the film. We hope that this stand-alone Black Widow film will be a treat to watch for all the Marvel fans out there. Stay tuned for all the latest updates about this MCU Phase 4 film!

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