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Xbox Series S Confirmed: Design And Price Revealed

Fnas of video gaming are so excited about the Xbox Series S announcements, and it finally came. Although Microsoft tried to be tight lipped over details for over a year before any official info came through. However, just days before this confirmation some leaks emerged from reliable sources. These unofficial pictured that surfaced are actually totally true.

Xbox’s official twitter handle has put the final nail in the coffin. It is headlined by “Let’s make it official” which confirms all the claims.

Scheduled release of the gaming sensation:-

The rage will come to its crecendo when the game comes into the market. However, Barring any delay or an unexpected we do have an official day for relelase.

November 10th, 2020 is the slated schedule for release in the United States of America. Meanwhile for other western markets, the wait will be a little longer. The schedules for United Kingdom and the European nations haven’t come out yet.

However, for Asian markets like Japan, Phillipenes and India there is no plan in sight. Microsoft are not targetting the asian market even after the fandom and revenue.

How much will the new Xbox version cost?

Everyone has already seen the eye-catching price tag mentioned in the announcement tweet. The new console is set to cost £250/$299/€249. However, it is £50 over-priced compared to the lowest-priced version of Microsoft’s existing gaming Xbox One range.

As we know, these prices are only representative and won’t be spot on. When the console comes out, prices will differ from region to region.

New design of the Xbox Series S:-

Console has a peculiar new-look debuting with the announcement. It looks exactly like the how the leaks looked that surfaced on September 7. A compact, white rectangular shape with a subtle design and no disc drive. The top features are nothing more than a power button, USB port, and a sync control for the controller.

The Series S will be up for grabs in a bundle with the Xbox All Access plan. This all will be for $25/month over a couple of years. However, the Series X will be available for $35 a month with a similar monthly installment plan. Both new Xbox consoles are expected to be announced later into the year.

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