Ahiru No Sora: Episode 31: Release Date, Recap 30 and More


Ahiru No Sora has excellent achievements in episode 30, and now it is time for the episode 31. This page will provide information on the release date, recap of episode 30, and many more.

Release Date: Episode 31

Episode 31 of Ahiru no Sora will be going to release on Wednesday, on May 13, 2024, The time of the premiere is around 5:55 PM JST (Japanese standard time).

If you are not a hardcore fan of this anime franchise, here is the recap of the previous episode. But if you are, then you may skip the paragraph.

Recap of Episode 30

In episode 30, we will see the coach noticing an even match, but still some problem exists. Now, Kuzu High is actually at a bit of disadvantage. On the other hand, player number 6 uses a height advantage against player 15 Sora.

During the match, Mokichi gives him a cover, but player 5, Koji of Kuzu high, was too fast. He makes a fadeaway and throws a ball to the net but at last missed on.

Then, Chiaki jumps up and grabs a ball. He told Sora and others to get running strategically. But, suddenly, players from Kuzu High cover all the positions, and they manage to get the ball.

They even tricked Sora and Momoharu. And then, Koji placed the ball inside the net. Meanwhile, Mokichi makes a three-pointer and scores to the opponents. Then, he went back to a defense and makes both the teams go even in this episode.

In Kanagawa School of Medical Science Secondary Hospital, Dr. Hayashi is off-duty in Ahiru No Sora. He is free to accompany Kurumatani and watch the game. But, she has to be in a place where Sora can’t see her.

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Back to the game, Sora showed his dominance with his team. He manages to score again and keep on hitting them back. And thus begin to lead with 7 points.


In the second half of the match, Sora keeps on improving his performance. And Kurumatani keeps on cheering him up from the girl’s court. Kuzu High keeps up with the game, and now they lead with 9 points.

Sora’s team guides to get back to the match resumes with 74:75. What is happening in the actual scene? Just have a watch in episode 31.

English Dub Online: 

Now, you can stream Ahiru no Sora’s all episodes, including the latest one, on Crunchyroll and HiDive. You will find it with its original Japanese audio and English subtitles.