Ariana Grande Transforms Into A Sexy President Of The United States In New Video For‘Positions

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the President we justify. In ‘Positions,’ the new video from her forthcoming album, the politically-minded Ariana, creates a much better timeline for the U.S… Her album that covers a racially and gender-diverse White House!

This year began on the reverse foot, but it seems that it’s going to end on a high note. And if there’s anyone who stir hit that note, it’s Ariana Grande. The 27-year-old singer, who now topped the charts twice this year, determined to go for the hat trick on Oct. 23. On the releasing “Positions,” the first unique off of her new album. She also released a super hot video for the new track. And that track which depicts Ariana as the United States president.

Ariana Grande

What’s Ariana Grande’s new video is about? Let us have a look:

At the start of the video, Ariana Grande – in a look suggestive of Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis. And leads the company with a diverse committee of advisors. While flanked with female officers and Secret Service members, she manages to a conference in another scene. And she is walking boldly like the Leader of the Free World. Ariana also gives appreciation to the United States Postal Service. And she is also warding mail flattops with (presumably) the Presidential Medal of Freedom. At the edge of the video, she leads her dogs while providing a salute. She salutes to two members of the Armed Forces.

Ariana Grande is also not hesitant to condemn Donald Trump, 73, and his administration. Trump’s triumph in 2016 left Ariana “in tears,” and she has criticized his actions ever since. Her “thank u, next” video included a subtle shade at Trump’s settlement policy. In contrast, she channeled Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Ariana, seen reading Immigration. And also, Refugee Law and Policy. For those who have ignored, the Trump administration’s tactics have been a type of cruelty. And from putting kids in cages to preventing Muslims from coming to America.

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