5 Best Desk Lamps for Studying – 2024 Buying Guide

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The season of final exams is approaching so students spend more and more time studying. Those who later started preparing for the exams will surely spend many sleepless nights, trying to learn everything necessary. What is most important is that the focus is constantly maintained at the highest level, because only then is studying effective. Otherwise, you will waste time and you will not achieve the desired result. And do you notice that you often lose focus, even though you try to be maximally concentrated, eat healthy food and drink enough water?

The reason you lose focus may be in poor lighting. Various studies have proven a link between poor lighting and poor academic performance. That’s why you have to pay attention to the lighting. Of course, natural light is what best affects our eyes and concentration, but we often do not have a good enough source of natural light. And we also learn at night. So you need a high quality desk lamp that will boost your efficiency and reduce the strain that your eyes are exposed to. That’s why we wrote a buying guide, where we singled out the best desk lamps, and we will also give you a few more tips on how to choose the best one.

Factors to consider when buying desk lamp

Although we have selected for you the best ones that you can buy in 2024, you still need to know what factors to consider when buying. The reason why you need to know those factors is because you will need a desk lamp for the rest of your life. From the first grade of primary school until the end of working life. And even after that, when you want to read and the like.

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In front of you will always be a selection of desk lamps with a variety of brightness. Wattages and lux vary greatly, and those numbers will also give you an idea of how bright it will be. Wattage is the amount of power needed, a lux measures how bright it can be. Mostly it is best to opt for the golden mean. Because if it is too bright it will further increase the eye strain, and if it is not bright enough, then it is not suitable for studying.

Color temperature

The color temperature you choose depends solely on what suits you best. Color temperature is indicated using the Kelvin rating. So the warm colors are around 3000K, while the white lights are from 3500 to 6500K. It is up to you to decide whether you prefer a color that will look like during sunset or sunrise or you prefer white and blue lights that are more reminiscent of shopping moles, for example. There is no right or wrong answer, it all depends on your preference.


Today, LEDs are the most common, so you will probably buy that type. LEDs have become the primary choice because they are energy efficient and last much longer. They also do not heat up, and you can choose the color temperature.


Today you have a variety of styles available. Although this is of course not the primary purpose and it may not even matter to you, a stylish desk lamp can have a very nice effect on the aesthetics of the whole room.

Best desk lamps for studying

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

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It has a very simple design that will fit into any space. You can choose between three colors, but these are certainly not the reasons why it is on our list. What is fantastic about TaoTronics LED is that you can choose between five color temperatures. This way you will be able to adjust exactly what you need to the time of day and the need of your eyes. For example, warm tones will be most useful at night, while white light will be chosen in the morning. Also, after a long use of a laptop or smartphone, your eyes will enjoy a warm tone. Another great feature is the seven available brightness levels, so it will be useful to you when you study and for all other occasions too. You can also use it as a phone charger. And all for less than 50 dollars.

2. Levitating Moon Lamp

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In terms of attractiveness, no other lamp can compare to the Levitating Moon. Made with a custom 3D printer will be the first thing that everyone will notice when they enter your room. You can choose from three available colors and you get a charger with it. It takes about 2 hours to charge, and can work while plugged in. However, do not think that it has only an aesthetic purpose. It will give you very good lighting, and you will choose whether you want a warm or white tone. If you want to see what it looks like, visit levitatingmoon.com and Levitating Moon is amazing choice if aesthetics are also very important to you.

3. BenQ Eyecare

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As its name suggests, it is designed to reduce the strain your eyes are exposed to. If you spend hours studying or using laptop, then BenQ Eyecare is exactly what you need. It is very high and therefore allows you to adjust it however you like and the illuminated area remains very large. When you turn on the Eye-care mode, then the sensors on this lamp will adjust the light in accordance with the lighting in the room and thus create an ideal ambience for your eyes.

4. Navaris LED desk lamp

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Navaris LED desk lamp provides very strong lighting so it is ideal if you have a large table or if you are reading several books at once. For example, architects use it a lot. Color temperatures and brightness are adjustable, so everything will be exactly like you want it to be. It takes up very little space and is very light.

5. V-Light Banker’s Desk Lamp

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All these modern LED lamps don’t fit into the aesthetics of your room? Then choose this vintage one, which looks very old fashion. There is also a shade that will block the rest of the light from bothering you and you will be able to concentrate only on your task.


Don’t neglect the importance of buying a quality desk lamp for studying because it will affect your efficiency as well as the health of your eyes.