Biggest Threats to Event Security – Are You Prepared?


In the period before and after the New Year, many events are organized. Some are public and some are private, but there are always many details to take care of before the event. Thinking about food, space, drinks, and such details, we often forget the safety aspects when organizing this type of event. Whether it’s a corporate party, a promotion, a product presentation, or just a relaxed party, you must pay attention to the security aspects.

Very often, during such events, security agencies are engaged, which establish order and peace. The need for event security grows as there are more guests, and therefore you have to take care of this aspect in time, one of the option is available here.

You might be wondering what could happen and how bad could it be. Everything will probably work out for the best, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be prepared for all scenarios. For example, some of the most common events are:

1. Vandalism


We believe that the guests at your event are well chosen and that you are careful about whom you invite. But we all know that unpredictable things can happen. Many people become different from what we know when they are surrounded by fun, alcohol, and lots of food.

That is why it often happens that certain events related to vandalism destroy the party. Although we like to believe that we have everything under control, some people are really unpredictable. So if someone is suspicious of you and you don’t know how they behave in the company, it might be better to keep an eye on them for most of the evening.

2. Different types of harassment

The relaxed atmosphere sometimes gives the wrong impression that you can do whatever you want and get away with it. But if it’s a party for clients and colleagues, professionalism remains, just like at corporate events.

This does not mean that flirting is allowed, just like awkward proposals. On the contrary, self-control is much more advisable at such events, as even HR and management cannot take responsibility for one’s behavior. But you know who can actually do that? Of course, the security agency will enforce order and evict thugs (with your approval) from the event. No one deserves to be harassed, so you should take this very seriously.

3. Thefts


Here we are not referring to serious thefts, but to the occasional stolen mobile phone or wallet. Of course, this act is not forgivable, so you must also think from this aspect of security. Most of the time, companions come with the guests, but someone uninvited can also enter. It would mean that the guests are not safe, even if the intention is not to rob or steal some small belongings.

4. A fight

As we said, just because the event is official doesn’t mean everyone will behave as expected. On the contrary, many allow themselves much more than they should, so they provoke, attack verbally, and a confrontation may occur.

The security agency will look into these things in time, and you can also ask them to remove someone from the event. Also, a bigger conflict can be prevented if they react in time.

5. Medical emergencies


Unfortunately, we cannot predict this. Often even perfectly healthy people need medical attention during major events. Sometimes it is due to stress, many people, panic, but also injury or some symptoms of illness.

This should not scare you, on the contrary, it should motivate you to take care of safety and even have a medical team reserved in case of medical emergencies.

6. Uninvited guests

Party crashers are something that happens often. Most of the time they are not dangerous for anyone, but it can happen that they rob someone, destroy equipment or disturb guests.

That’s why we recommend that there is security at the door itself with guest lists so that not everyone who wants to can enter. The event security agency will ensure that no one is disturbed during the party.

Sometimes these crashers can even become intruders, which already means that the party or event is ruined. It is better to prevent such occurrences, rather than trying to repair the damage.

7. Unauthorized activities


At such events, many occurrences may occur that are not in accordance with the rules of good behavior. For example, if someone tries to smoke cigarettes where it is forbidden or wants to change the place to sit, then the security team should react. It may also happen that they record and take pictures when this is not allowed or disturb other guests.

If a guest opposes all the rules, blocks access areas, exits, and entrances, and argues with everyone, then the security services should react and prevent further disturbance of the attendees.

8. Alcohol and illicit substances

Alcohol is expectedly present at such events, but some people simply have no control over how much they drink. They don’t care that they are at an official event. It can endanger the safety of the others, who came to have a good time and learn something from the event.

Therefore, we recommend that you hire a security agency and pay as much attention to the situation as possible. You certainly wouldn’t want a drunken guest to bother and disturb everyone who came for the event.

The situation becomes worse if illegal substances are involved, so someone should check the toilets more often and react in time if something like that happens.


Events can be very stressful, even when your guests are carefully selected. Some will keep their good manners and behave with dignity, but others may relax too much, dance awkwardly, and provoke. You certainly wouldn’t want your party to be ruined by such people, so it’s good to take care of the highest level of event management and security aspects.

In the end, it’s up to you to take care of these things, so you can prevent any of the situations described above. Or maybe you can react on time, and prevent bigger damage.