BNA: Brand New Animal: Episode 5: Release Date, Trailer and Other Details You Must Cover

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The series of BNA plots in the 21st century. In this timeline, we could see the existence of humanoid animals titled as beastmen. These humanoids have been living in the darkness for ages. Now, they unveiled to the world.

One day, Michiru, the lead character of the BNA series, suddenly changes into a tanuki beastman. With this sudden change, she understands nothing. As an average high school student, it becomes challenging for her to understand the entire process. Now? What will she do? Where will she go? Check all the answers to your question on this page.

Before directly jump to the episode 5’s spoilers, you must know the previous happening. If you’re a struck follower, then you can skip this section and read further. But if you are a noob, just go through it.

Episode 4: What Happened in Episode 4

In episode 4, Michiru meets Nina. She is the dolphin beast kin and daughter of the gang boss Giuliano Flip. Nina has been surfacing in social media in human form near her location.


To regain the ability to turn back into humans, Michiru joins Nina. But during the party, in the BNA episode 4, something terrible happened. One of the girls, in the party puts Nina into a fish tank. They even don’t realize her breathing technique being a  mammal without having gills. To overcome Michiru’s fear and to force her powers to come up, those girls save Nina. Despite the incident, she feels happy, cause the accident adds some sort of shine in Michiru’s life.

Release Date: BNA: Episode 5

The episode 5 is going to release on Thursday on 7th May 2024. the time is at 12:55 AM JST ( Japanese Standard time).

Now just take a brief look at the latest episode. Here is the linked video. So don’t worry and help yourself.

Is BNA Episode 6 Released?

Yes, you just read it right. The 6th episode is also under the premiere. Every new episode released every Thursday. So this means without any interruption with the schedule, we are going to have all the episodes respectively in every week. Episode 5 will premiere on Thursday, 7th May 2024.  According to it, the next episode is going to re, see on the following week on Thursday, that is 14th May 2024. 

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