Zero Chronicle: Episode 4: Can the Love Story Stop the war between the White and the Black Kingdom?


The previous success of the franchise of the anime series has not ended yet. The episode four of Zero Chronicle is going to release. This page is going to provide you all the information with release date, trailer, and other information. So, please check the page and all the updates will be on your mind.

Zero chronicle is an anime adaptation from the game, named as ‘White Cat Project: Zero Chronicle.’ Project No.9  has animated the anime with Masato Jinbo, the director and the writer. Yousuke Okuda is the designer of the characters. Whereas Taku Iwasaki is the composer of the music.


Release Date: Zero Chronicle: Episode 4

Zero Chronicle Episode 4  is going to release on Monday, 27 April 2024. The timing of the anime is, at 10:00 PM JST (Japanese standard time).  Takanori Nishikawa and ASCA are performer of the opening series of the theme song “Tenbin -LIBRA-” (天秤-Libra-Tenbin -LIBRA-). Whereas, Rei Yasuda performs the ending theme song of “through the dark”.


The anime goes around the central story where it centres the only two figures. A long time ago, there is an ancient legend. This legend goes around two characters. One is the white Maiden of the Sky and another is the lack prince of darkness. The White Cat where is the white princess and the Black Cat is the black princess.

zero chronicle
Zero chronicle: Episode 4

Now, in a war in the anime demons are represented by the Black King of Darkness and lords are by the guardians of light. The story starts when the black prince fell in love with the white princess. The Black Prince never accept the fact. This love story can be the only way to stop the fight, but the question is, is it really? to know the entire story follow us on a daily basis.

Trailer: Zero Chronicle: Episode 4

There is no such information about the episode four. The fans are super excited about the episode 4.

Tomorrow, the anime gonna release its episode 4 and here is the trailer of it. You can go through the trailer before going through the anime. It will help you to maintain the sequel properly. So follow us and be free.