Zero Chronicle: Episode 6: Release date, Recap Summery and Trailer

Zero chronicle Episode 6
Zero chronicle Episode 6
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Zero Chronicle is a  project under the ‘Shironeko Project.’ It is a running adventurous anime category. It depicts a world consisting of numerous isles. The story centers a young hero from the Astora Isle who encounters the adventurer Kyle and ensues him on an excursion on the isle.

They meet a mysterious girl, Iris, and a talking white cat. Together they secure their way to the destruction of isles. There they found a flying island.

But, Kyle becomes overwhelmed by darkness. Whereas, the party chooses to travel to the ends of the world on the flying island to find the seven “Great Runes.”

It was the general theory of the story in which anime is based. Our today’s topic is on Episode 6. The page will provide you, the release date, trailer, and the recap summary of episode 5.

 Release Date: Zero Chronicle

It is going to be released on Monday on 11 May 2023. The time of the premiere is around at 10:00 PM JST (Japanese standard time). Till today the anime is already released, and you can go and check it out!

Recap Summary:

Episode 5 started with the scene when Shema went for Iris. There she found out that Queen Iris went to fight with Bahl, the incarnation of destruction alone. On the other hand, Bahl arises in the sky and remarks on the army from the Black Kingdom.

Zero chronicle Episode 6
Zero chronicle Episode 6
Credit- Twitter

Groza and the army plan to attack when Bahl, especially when he lands the army. Groza prepares and orders unit two to attack.

He attacks with an uprising eclair and abandons. Bahl was going to kill everyone. But, suddenly, the king of the Black kingdom save them. He disappears them to a safe place and battles with Bahl using his dark powers.

Queen Iris abruptly appears and holds Balh from attacking King Black with her magic powers. At last, they both achieve to send Balh to the prison and seal him. They lock him under the volcano mountain.

Later, Iris defeated Bahl and went back to her kingdom. There she told everyone about the alliance. Pious and Shema send her to her palace. Shema heals her with healing power and set back everything. This was the summary of episode 5.


The trailer of episode 6 is out. Here is the video.

As episode 6 has already released, go and enjoy the attack without any delay. For more upgrades, please don’t forget to subscribe to the page.