BNA: Episode 6 on Netflix: Can Silver Wolf Defeat Michiru Using Nazuna?

BNA-episode 6
BNA-episode 6
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BNA series has its record in the 21st century. In this season, we could observe the presence of humanoid animals(beastmen). These humanoids lived in darkness for ages. But now, they exposed themself to the world.

Up to now, in total, five episodes have been produced and premiered. All runs with great success. Now it’s the time for Episode 6. Check out all the details regarding the anime on this page. Before jumping into the main content, let’s have some recap of episode 5.

So, What Happened in BNA Episode 5?

Beforehand on ‘Brand New Animal,’ Michiru settled in a baseball team. There she used her abilities to rise for them. However, later the team for which she was playing got entangled in a gambling scandal. All this happened because of their coach.

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After realizing the viewers spoiled. They didn’t stop until Shirou showed up and soothed them down. Afterward, Michiru used her impressive skills, calmed them from hurting the coach.

She actualized the coach that if something matters the most in the game, those are spirits of sportsmanship. No money can replace it. Michiru saved the day as always. So what is going to be the theme of episode 6?


Episode 6 concentrates more on the bond of friendship. Michiru is a character who is a savior. She has many friends and foes. But what if Friends turn into foe in time of need?

Michiru used to have a best friend named Nazuna Hiwatashi. She caught the beastkin disease much earlier. Michiru also discovers that Nazuna has joined the Silver Wolf.

Like everyone others in the cult, she dedicated herself to the worship of the leader of a silver wolf. After acquiring the entire situation, Michiru realizes, she is the only one who can help her.

To actualize the plan, she arranges a meeting for Nazuna with Barbaray. But, she forgets an evil company is evil enough to transform anyone into one of them. So What actually will Nazuna do in episode 6? She will take the advantage for sure. But would she betrays her friend?

Release Date: BNA: Episode 6

‘Brand New Animal’ Episode 6 is going to release on May 13, 2024. The time will be at 8:55 am PT. You can watch it on Fuji TV’s +Ultra.

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As of now, the first six episodes of ‘BNA’ are only accessible on Netflix, Japan.  But, later this year, it will gain a worldwide Netflix release.