Great Pretender Anime Releases on Netflix India

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 Great Pretender anime is going to stream in the Netflix India service. The anime is on the service starting from August. This is going to be available with Japanese and English audio and English subtitles. On Tuesday Netflix announced in its twitter that it would begin streaming originals of Wit Studio television anime series. After the release now the Netflix is going to stream it. It is a piece of excellent news for Netflix Subscribers.

Details of Premiere and The Episodes of Great Pretender:

In this page, we are going to provide you with the details on the anime of the Great pretender and the streaming service provided by Netflix. The case one of the anime is going to have a total of five episodes. It is going to premiere in Japan with English subtitles in June. Next, case two of the anime will have a total of five chapters. This is from episode six to episode ten. The release date of this series is June 9. Case three will consist of four consecutive events. It will have chapter 11, 12, 13, and 14 from June 16.


Case four of the anime is also on its way. On the official website, case four is titled as “coming soon.” When case four is going to release is yet not known, But it will release for sure.

The Release Date:

The anime premiered on July 8 on Fuji Tv plus UItra programming block.

The story: Great Pretender


Yamada has composed the opening theme song of the Great Pretender. The late Queen singer covers of The Platters song of  “The Great Pretender.”  It is the ending theme song of the anime. This is for the first Japanese television is featuring a song by Mercury as its theme in anime. This is for now. For more information, please stick to the page.