Boyfriend finds Girlfriend sleeping with another man: Post pics on Facebook for Revenge


People have different ways to react if they are cheated by the one whom they love the most. Some get furious and fights with a partner while some break down and have a terrible time before coming to trust someone else.

While are also some who blame themselves and go into self-analysis for not being the right partner. Each one of us is different when it comes to reacting to the situation when our trust is broken.

The Facebook Revenge

And here comes one remarkable revenge from a Louisiana Man when he caught his girlfriend cheating on her.

The man named Dunston Holloway was having a pretty well day, but what he did not know was that everything would turn upside down when he reaches home. When Dunston returned to his home, what he finds there shocked him completely. His girlfriend was sleeping with another man in his bed. That’s the last thing that would ever expect.


However, he did what most would not do and can’t even think of doing. He kept his calm and did not lash out on the Stanger man, neither his girlfriend.

To get his revenge on his girlfriend, Dunston posted the picture of his girlfriend and the man she was sleeping with on Facebook.

The Texas native, Dunston Holloway, spends his days working as a superintendent in the construction business. This means that he has to commute from home to Louisiana over and over again.

The 23-year-old, on a pursuit to start a happy family, set up his home with his girlfriend.

However, things do not always go as per our plan. The same fate crossed Dunston. 

One night, when he returned home from work, he found his girlfriend sleeping with another man on his. This situation is enough to provoke any and can make them furious with rage.


However, Dunston did not react angrily; instead, he decided to post the images of his girlfriend sleeping with another man on Facebook and make her feel ashamed and let the whole world know what she did to him. So he posted the pics on Facebook to shame the duo. He, however, also tried other options before posting, but that also brought no positive outcome.

He could have fought the man but didn’t

Dunston said he considered fighting with the man with whom his girlfriend had cheated him on. He also tried waking up his girlfriend and ask for any possible explanation or listen to anything she has to say for cheating on him. However, he said that she was “drunk as a skunk passed out” and did not wake up even when he tried.

Dunston said that if he had woken her up, he would have asked if he should be sleeping in the spare bedroom. Also, to show his calmness, and to shame her further, he would want to know “what kind of breakfast the dude liked.”


But, his girlfriend was so drunk that she did not even stir.

After that, what he did, as he started taking pictures of the duo along with his face in the selfies. Dunston captioned the images with, “when you come home to another man in your bed with the one you loved!”

It should be noted how he writes “loved.”

Comments flooded in support of Holloway for making a wise decision and being the “bigger person” in the situation.