Briana DeJesus Left Teen Mom 2 Due To THIS Personal Reason!

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Fan-Favorite Briana DeJesus is leaving the shores of Teen Mom 2 , at least that is what it seems like.

Briana DeJesus has seemingly quit the reality show Teen Mom 2. However, it’s not another melodramatic lunacy on the internet for the sake of some fake publicity. Also, this time it feels like the mother from the series is going up against the production house. The avenue for this battle isn’t on TV but the social episode on Twitter.

Briana DeJesus Media
Briana DeJesus is already accusing the editors and creators of the show.

What’s the controversy surrounding Briana DeJesus?

The mama on the show is just tired of getting bossed around by the production. Also, the major reason is one that people will also try to keep hush-hush. Brianna thinks her on show ex-boyfriend is the reason why SHE IS SUFFERING WITH AN STD. Yes, that’s right, in recent tests, DeJesus has Chlamydia. Luiz Hernandez is the man facing these accusations that he didn’t it take well on the screens.

In a hot argument, between the two, Brianna didn’t hold anything back. When the questioning began, the two kept at it in the show too.

“Listen Luis, I don’t know what you got going on, but I tested positive for something and you’re the only person I’ve f–ked since I last got tested,”

Briana DeJesus Media1
Teen Mom 2 is being able to conjure up things perfect to get spotlight on the show.

Brianna went on an online rant attacking everyone in her sights. She clearly was having a meltdown and didn’t hesitate to put everyone under attack.

“Lol fuck Mtv lol they love to choose and pick what matters and what doesn’t matter lol I don’t get paid enough to be treated like shit compared to these other self centered bitches! I’m ok with not filming –_”

If you’re following this show, you might know that this might be another publicity drama. Also, to be fair, Brianna Taylor might have had enough with the shenanigans that come with reality TV fame. However, one thing that’s for sure is that the creators will keep milking this storyline till they can.

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