Cardi B Gives A Befitting Reply To Candance Owens: Know The Whole Story

Cardi B Gives A Befitting Reply To Candance Owens
Cardi B Gives A Befitting Reply To Candance Owens Credit: The Republic World

Cardi B Gives A Befitting Reply To Candance Owens: Rapper Cardi B took to her official social media handle Twitter account to strike back at Candace Owens with a befitting reply. Who called her unlightened/illiterate. Cardi BB said she could make millions of being who she is. 

Cardi B Gives A Befitting Reply To Candance Ownes: Know The Whole Story
Cardi B and Candance Owens.

B came up with receiving after being the subject of author Candace Owens’ latest Twitter sound off. Over the weekend, Candace claimed that Cardi was an “embarrassment“. She was one of the Black people after she first supported and interviewed Bernie Sanders. In the upcoming Presidential election. “Since most black people didn’t have the dorsum to acknowledge that @benshapiro was 100% true about @iamcardib“. And how her music and platform she contributes with the grace to the disintegration of black culture and values.

Cardi BB caught wind of OWEN’s turn over at her and her music. And she clapped back at her in a series of tweets. “Yes, you are right. I have the number 1 song & I have a huge platform. And I can make millions go vote to get the MAN THAT USED YOU,” she emphasized to Candace”. By saying that she defend her beliefs. I don’t want to argue with you, Candace. I don’t have the time. Honestly, I feel sorry for you.”


To which He replied: “You are encouraging tons and tons of MILLIONS to go vote for the man that reckon up entire peer of black men. Maybe you should go to google: the statement of ‘JOE BIDEN AND 1994 CRIME BILL’. He used you not only he but Bernie Sanders also used you. None one of them like or know your music. They think you’re dumb/dense.”


Cardi came back with fearlessly and said “you are encouraging peer of millions to vote for someone who laughs Every time a black man gets killed by a cop. And tells millions of citizen of the America to drink the shit bleach. That man didn’t even have idea you talking at the Republican convention. He thinks you’re dumb/not good. MASA did you played dirty but you mad at me, right ?“.

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