Dark Desire Season 2: Official Renewal Status and More Details!

Dark Desire Season 2
Credits: Netflix

Dark Desire or Oscuro Deseo (in Spanish) is a sizzling Mexican thriller, drama web television series. Argos Comunicación worked as the production company for this series on Netflix. Dark Desire Season 2, remains much awaited by the viewers!

The official production for Season 1 of this series made to the public eyes and ears on May 6, 2019, and it finally premiered on July 15, 2023.

The Hype!

This show started becoming a remarkable sensation among the Netflix watchers.  The Season 1 of this series remains as one of the most-watched non-English title with 35 million viewers in 28 days!

Due to the spotlight, the renewal status for Dark Desire Season 2 got confirmed on August 19, 2023. With, all the dates set and proper procedures, the second Season might release in late-2021. 

Dark Desire

If seen Season 1 then one really can make sure about the renewal status. In the First Season, the ending left us a big shocker! The fans have always remained much excited to see what will Netflix bring for the second Season.

More on Dark Desire Season 2!

Season 2 might disclose the gospel of Brenda’s death. With Dario pulling out through the fire and his love revelation, we will see the advancement of his life.

According to the announced details for the Season 2, Maite Perroni, Alejandro Speitzer, Erik Hayser, Jorge Poza, Regina Pavón and María Fernanda Yepes all shall be seen again with their spectacular roles on-screen for Dark Desire Season 2. Other than these actors only some additional new characters will be joining in the second Season for more heat!

Dark Desire
A still from the show

The shoot won’t start anytime soon due to the constraint for the spreading CoVid Virus. Moreover, in Mexico and Brazil, Netflix has instigated funds to help those affected by the shutdown. This establishment also includes a $100M relief fund to be divided between the two countries.

So, due to the burden of the crisis, the shoot will not start anytime soon. But, as soon as the restrain gets lifted, the filming will commence with necessary precautions.

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