What’s the Difference Between Regular and Ceramic Window Tint

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It could be very difficult to make the decision about which type of window tint it is better to choose. However, if you gather all the necessary information and become familiar with the differences between ceramic and regular window tints, you will make the decision much easier. In this article, we prepared key factors that you can consider and based on them select one of the available options.

In general, people are commonly thinking that all window tints are created in the same way and that they all provide the same effect. After all, all of the window tints types can give you the same great look and provide you privacy and security. Therefore, people are wondering why some details matter more. However, some window tints offer many valuable benefits that go far beyond the classic and elegant appearance.

If some of you had the chance to check out both ceramic window tint and the regular one, already know that these two options provide different effects, features, and overall appearance. Even though the choice of selecting window tint type depends on the individual preferences, it can be helpful to take a closer look at the features of both sides. Let’s get to the point and give you some details that you did not know about.

The Basics Differences Between Ceramic Window Tint and Regular Window Tint

Before we start mentioning the advantages of each tint type that you can consider, let’s start by taking a look into some basic appearance of both available options.

When it comes to regular window tints, you should know that they are also commonly called dyed film or even standard tints. They are the most popular option that people decide on. There are multiple reasons for this since we say this is a standard type and it is not expensive. Additionally, it provides an entry-level option that provides both a beautiful aesthetic appearance and the basic privacy that all people are seeking for. Logically, the dyes as well as the overall look of these regular window tints can vary.

When it comes to ceramic window tints, we can freely say that they are considered premium and more luxurious window tints. You can assume that since they are called premium tint types they come with more advantages than regular tints. Additionally, instead of using dye, this type of ceramic tint harnesses the power of nonconductive nano-ceramic particles.

The physical appearance of these two available types are very different, therefore, both of them come with some different pros and cons that we are going to discuss in the further text.

The durability of these two options

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You should know that since regular window tints are less expensive, they tend to fade over time and to be of less quality. On the other hand, the premium ceramic window tint are well known for their extra costs, however, they are providing a longer lifespan. The ceramic option is more resistant and it can be damaged harder. Therefore, they are surely a more durable option.

UV Protection that these two options provide

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Window film can block damaging UV rays and help people by protecting their overall health. In case you are looking for basic UV protection, you can decide on a regular window tint option. This type of dyed window film can perfectly block some amount of heat, as well as infrared light and UV rays. On the other hand, if you are seeking an outstanding window tint that will block UV rays, your ideal option would be ceramic window film. Even though the details can vary from brand to brand, you can surely expect that protection with the ceramic window film will do the job better. In fact, researches show that this option can block up to 99% of UV rays.

The glare of these two options

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Logically, when a particular window tints as the ability to block more light, it can additionally reduce the glare. Some of the regular window tints options offer really good glare protection, and on the other hand, some of them offer minimal protection. When it comes to the ceramic premium window tints, they are doing a very good job when it comes to reducing glare.

What kind of privacy and appearance do they come with?

Two of the most important things that people are considering when it comes to choosing the most suitable window tint are the privacy it can provide as well as the aesthetics. In fact, many would even choose aesthetics over quality. In general, both of these options are virtually tied which provides privacy.

Safety of these two window tint options

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The regular window tint option is not very safe because it can not really keep your window from breaking. As we mentioned above, regular window tints are not very durable and they are not very resistant to damage and scratches. On the other hand, with ceramic window tint options, you can be way more relaxed in terms of safety and protection. The glass is very strong, so it can not damage easily or even get sctrached. Therefore, if this factor is very important to you, you should better choose the premium type of window tint for your needs.

Cost of these window tint options

As we already said, when you are going to buy either regular or ceramic window tint, you should know that regular ones are budget-friendly. Since they do not offer some exclusive features, they are way more affordable. Therefore, this is can be a great option for the ones that just need a window tint standard just because they need it. However, if some of you are looking for premium features and you want to spend more money in the long term, you should consider the ceramic window tint option. Since they come with a longer lifespan, durability, and better preferences, they are worth the investment.

However, it is also very crucial to find a reliable and experienced company so you can get the quality window tint, whatever type you decide on. If you are interested to have premium ceramic window film or the standard one, check this site.