DIY Ideas To Make Your Own Teddy Bear At Home


Teddy bears have always been a great source of comfort and affection for everyone! Be it an infant that keeps snuggling this bundle of fur or any adult who takes the plushy into his bed to get a sound sleep. You, at every point of time in your life, need a companion that helps you get out of the awkwardness of this world and help you create your world of fantasy! There’s something about bears that offers a zone of comfort to everyone, from kids to senior citizens. These cuddly stuffies are the best gift for your beloved person to make them cherish it forever.

It is almost impossible not to encounter a plush toy growing up! From a small stuffed elephant to a massive teddy bear, all you had when you needed it the most was this toy in any form. So, if you ever wanted to create a bear on your own, you are in the right place! Here we’ll be telling you the ways to make these stuffies at your home without spending much. It gives you a choice of materials, styles and personalized options as per your needs.

There are a lot of scraps or materials you can use to make these, such as scrap fabrics, socks, worn out t-shirts, wool, towels and whatnot! We’ve consolidated an article to let you know how materials at your home can turn into a beautiful and cuddly bear you ever wanted!


1. Grandfather’s Discarded Plaids

If you’re thinking about using your grandfather’s clothing, it’s going to be a perfect idea of remembering a person with his clothes in the form of a bear. If your grandfather has tons of clothes that can be used as a scrap, go for it. This memory bear will make you remember him all the time, even when he’s not around. Plaid shirts are generally the best because of their eye-catching patterns and give a feel of your grandfather around.


2. Sports Team Jerseys

Do you have someone in the house fond of any sports teams and own a jersey? Yes, we guess your brother or father might have one. So, this will be the best idea to have a bear sewn out of a sports jersey. After all these jerseys remained in the drawers for a long time, so instead of keeping this old stuff and ultimately ending up giving it to scrap, why not use it to make cute teddies for your kids? It will be great for the kids who are enthusiastic about sports!


3. Father’s old uniform

Look around in the house for any of your father’s discarded clothes; you will indeed find a t-shirt or shirt laying around that is no longer in use. So this is going to be the following material you can prepare a bear from. What can be better than this?

Not only this, but your father’s old uniform also is of great use to make a cute little bear. If your father is in the armed forces and has finally got his uniform worn out, you can utilize it in creating a teddy bear that will make you and your family remember the sacrifices and hardships they’ve seen for getting through this stage.


4. Old pair of Denim

A pair of Denim is an excellent option for making a bear any day. Denim is the most stylish and everyday apparel to make your bear trendy. There might be that denim that you always loved, but you can’t wear it as you’ve grown. Fret not! You can turn this most loved denim into a massive teddy bear! As you can’t wear those jeans in public anymore but still want it in front of your eyes to make you comfy, this is the best option.

We know it’s hard to see your favourite denim in the trash! Don’t worry; this bear denim will make you remember that you still have it near you by looking at it every time! You can decorate it with trendy hats, bows, buttons and whatnot!


5. Towels from a holiday resort!

Find it weird? Sounds so! But no, making a teddy bear from a towel that you’ve got from a holiday house or the market is yet another creative option to create a bear. These will be different in design and construction as the fabric is different from the others. These towels are made up of terry cloth and are apt for refurbishing and all the old beach towels that your kids loved while growing up. So, next time you see it, get a towel from a hotel or beach house; remember, you can turn it into something you’ll totally love!


6. A Wedding Dress Teddy

It sounds crazy, but an old wedding dress lying somewhere in the closets can never get you anything. But now you’ve got this idea to turn your old wedding dress into a cuddly teddy bear. You can create a memory bear with the help of your old wedding attire and adorn the bear with some cute ornaments like neckpieces, clips and so on. So if you want to feel nostalgic being on the four walls of your home with these plush bears, try making one from your wedding outfit!

 Wrapping Up

Making a teddy bear has never been so easy! Exploring our article, you might figure out options that you can go for to make a teddy bear at your home by using various materials like your baby’s hospital blanket, everyday t-shirts, baby’s old rompers, prom dress or graduation robes, kid’s camping clothes and others. You can find out more DIY ideas to make a memory teddy bear for your kids and gift them on birthdays.

Bears are the most prized possession for anyone! Be it tiny or massive teddy bears. So follow these suggestions and make sure you adorn them with different accessories to give a whole new look to every bear you opt for!