5 Ways to Know if Your Digital Marketing Strategy Is Working

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It has been clear to all of us for a long time now that we live in a time of digitization. Whether you are engaged in service or product activity, if you are not advertised on the Internet, it’s like you do not exist at all. The influence of marketing in the digital world is greater now than ever. It is often advertising that can sell a product before you even get to the key actions outlined in the marketing plan. The combination of digitization and marketing is the basis for every company. More views and visits to your site can positively affect your annual budget.

So, the question arises, how to get to that higher number of views? Have you heard of digital marketing strategy? That’s all you’ll need. It will help you to get more visitors of your page, make more people familiar with your product, and ultimately make visitors become your permanent users, i.e. consumers. This strategy helps you achieve both short-term and long-term goals. Many beginners do not know if they are managing this strategy in the right way, or don’t know why it is not bringing them the intended results. In the following text, we want to reveal 5 ways to know if your digital marketing strategy is working or not. First of all, you can always get a professional help with gaining a set goal, such as Spiky SEO. With this kind of help you will get an occur assistance and positive result at the end. But if you still want to do it yourself, be patient and stay with us. So, let’s begin!

Check the sources

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Many businessmen, thanks to the media, channels and sources, review the traffic of their websites. However, built-in analytics and functions that talk about the number of website views can be used to get a clearer picture of whether and how many visitors you have to your site. You can do this via e-mail, directly, paid search, social channels, etc. To know if your digital marketing strategy is becoming successful, this metric can be effective. Through it, you will find out which source brings you the highest number of views, and of course it should be your priority.

How does it work? Let’s say you open an Instagram account for your company, you pay for an advertisement that should bring you a certain number of views or potential users. If after its expiration you do not receive primarily the planned number of views, or it is too small, it is a bad direction of the digital marketing strategy, which immediately tells you to try other sources and analytical functions. Try several sources at once, find out which one will achieve the best result and stick to it.

Get to know your customers

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A very important question in starting, as well as expanding a marketing strategy, is who are your customers? Who are you addressing? Demographic analysis is also a key moment in evaluating the success of implementing your strategy. It should be done before even starting the strategy. You need to know the age structure of visitors, gender, nationality, and many other factors. This will ensure that your advertising, effort and money are not wasted. How will you know if your strategy is on the right track? If the number of people interested in your product is growing not only from the demographic analysis but also wider, know that you are on the right track! If you have a large number of users from other regions, countries, and continents, then you know that the speed of information transmission has the right course!

Quality vs. quantity

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The goal of a digital marketing strategy is to make a profit and run a more successful company. The more customers the better, right? However, it is not quite like that. This strategy deals with monitoring CLV, or customer lifetime value. It tells us how much the customer is ready to spend on your products and business. A higher CVL is strongly correlated with the success of implementing your digital marketing strategy. If the customer is ready to spend a considerable amount of money on his first purchase from you, then you can say that this client already belongs to a high-quality customer. Also, if a customer has been buying from your company for a long time, over and over again, you can attribute his loyalty to the correct use of a digital marketing strategy.

Use your metrics

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In addition to the mentioned measures of the success of the digital marketing strategy, the company can also have its metrics that numerically show the results. These metrics are better known as KPIs or Key Performance Indicators. Some of them that are most often used are sales growth and return on investment or ROI. We can say for sure that this is the main indicator of the success of the strategy you have chosen. With the help of ROI, you can conclude whether your investment in digital marketing strategy is worth the cost. Or better said, whether the money you invested will be returned in the form of profit or an even greater cost.

We will give you a simple example so that you can understand the meaning of the ROI technique in numbers. If the usual income from the sale of your company was 20k dollars, and now it is 50k, it means that you made a profit of 30k, right? If your initial investment was 10k, the final calculation says that the strategy is successful and that in our case it brings an income of 20k. If you don’t get a positive result, it will let you know that something is wrong with the set strategy and that you should consider switching to another one.

Positive feedback

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Feedback is always great for business, even positive or not ones. Positive feedback means that you are on the right track and you should continue with the same technique, while negative feedback forces you to change something in your business and try to improve it. It’s the same here. Feedback is demanded from both marketing experts and salespeople.

Those people outside the company will always give you a clear and true picture of what works and what doesn’t. So if the marketing experts assess that your method is effective and that you manage to connect well with customers and suppliers, congratulations! On the other hand, salespeople who are in direct contact with customers can tell you how informed customers are about your product. Also, a great way to find out if you are doing business in the right direction or not.