What Accessories Do You Need for a GoPro?

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While filming and video editing is not everyone’s forte, or on anyone’s bucket list for that matter, these days we’re surrounded by cameras. Every smartphone has one, and they’re inevitable. This is fine. Some moments need to be captured the right way, right? That’s right. Thanks to the explosion of social media networks you’re having a chance to go viral any moment now. TikTok is completely based on videos so, having a GoPro camera is the right choice to make. If you’re into sports, biking, sailing, or anything of the sort, GoPro is a must.

But having just a camera just won’t cut it in today’s society. No, you need additional equipment if you want the real deal. This is how professionals do it, and you need to at least strive for that method. If you already own a GoPro, have you ever wondered what accessories you need for a GoPro? Even if you haven’t, we did. Many people have. You’ll see that this article is a collection of camera owners on the internet. We did honest research, and our list is a must-have when it comes to this type of camera.

Now, you might expand on our list, but you most definitely mustn’t go below the number we’re about to leave for you. We compiled this list with good intentions in our hearts, and it’s in your best interest to heed our advice. You’ll find it hard to find a list that hits the bull’s eye as this one. Now, without further ado, you can jump down to reading, and check out what’s the first accessory you, as a GoPro owner need to have. What’s even better is that we’re giving you a list of ideas for presents for your passion-sharing friends. Let’s start.

Additional Battery

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Stopping when you’re having the best time of your life is the worst sensation ever. Filming an unforgettable adventure firsthand and stopping midway because your battery failed you is a disaster. We’re talking San Andreas, Dwayne Johnson type of a disaster. The Rock doing The People’s Elbow on an opponent already lying down is the type of disaster. You do not want this to happen. Under any circumstances, you mustn’t stop filing due to a battery failure. You can have other excuses, but this is one you won’t be able to forgive yourself. Especially now after we gave you a fair warning that you need to avoid battery failure by filming whatever you like on GoPro. To avoid this from happening you always need to carry a backup with you. This is a vital lesson for every on-the-go cameraman, so you shouldn’t waste any time but head straight into getting one at powerextraofficial.com, and while you’re there get a charger too. Don’t be a rookie any longer. This is a pro-tip, so behave like a pro. Be Von Miller and not Taco Charlton.

GoPro Chesty

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Those who are new to these cameras believe you can only carry one on your head. That’s not right. The truth is, we have an even better position. We’re talking about the chest area. If you want to try out this method of filming, GoPro Chesty should be your first choice. It’s compatible with most models out there on the market so you shouldn’t have any issues in this department. It is ideal for hiking and biking among many other activities you may embark on. It is rather lightweight so you’ll almost feel it on your chest. Thanks to its long straps it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or how’s your frame. It will fit all descriptions.

Water Equipment

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Filming underwater was a thing of a dream for amateurs only a few decades ago. How quickly do times change? Today, most fans of this camera use it for underwater filming. If you’re one of them, you need to prepare your camera for maritime adventures. No, you won’t be spotting The Meg anytime soon like Jason Statham, but who knows what awaits? You need to be prepared for any shot. Having proper underwater equipment gives you this chance. The place for the head start needs to be the aqua filter pack, for diversified shots, or underwater light for better illumination. There are many options in this department and all of them are worth exploring the same way the seabed is.

MicroSD Card

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We are all slaves to our memories. Our cameras are too, but they can only reach the stratosphere of 32GB or 64GB depending on your model. This is why you need to have additional memory in the case that you need to film a lot more than anticipated. These days technology has come a long way, and you know it. So why not treat yourself to a MicroSD card? The market overflows with options, and selecting one shouldn’t be an issue. Luckily today you have options that amount up to 256GB of external memory. This is a staggering number that should suffice you even if you’re James Cameron working on the third installment of Avatar. Just kidding. He probably needs more, especially if you know that there are third and fourth installments already in the works or already finished. Yes, people, you’re witnessing the birth of a franchise. This is the norm of today, and you could be doing similar features with your GoPro just if you have enough memory to back it all up.

The Handler

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Every GoPro needs one and everyone can get one as it’s compatible with every model out there. The Swiss knife of sorts in this domain. The best part about the handler is that you can use it in so many ways. If you need a hand grip it’s there. If you need a floater it’s there too. Like a two-way player in the modern NBA who can also shoot 3s. It is what every camera owner dreamt of and it’s what a dream came true looks like. It’s Berlin and Italy and 2006 all over again, it just happens every day if you’re a GoPro owner and not Allesandro Del Piero or Fabio Grosso. Go get yourself one if you haven’t already.