Disenchantment Season 3: Brand New Revelations!

Disenchantment Season 3 Feature
After such a long period of speculations Disenchantment might just be coming back for another instalment.

Disenchantment will reportedly, finally reach the second season after a strong debut. The Animation series is a hit among streaming viewers. As a result, Netflix is enjoying massive popularity for the parts one and two in the catalogue. Genres can be reasonably confusing, but it all does come down to a comedic, or maybe dark-comedic undertone.

People who made their minds up just because the developers made Futurama and Simpsons will not be happy, because those shows have grown on them. Also, and is something they in some time became to love. And if you expect to be laughing & rolling on the floor the whole time just laughing this probably isn’t for you either. The plots are easy and heart-warming, it’s easy to binge, it’s nice to look at, and the world is fascinating.

Disenchantment Season 3 Media
Netflix on well on its way to rope in new talent for the next season of Disenchantment.

Current status and schedule for the upcoming season:-

Disenchantment Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger, and the fate of Dreamland is uncertain. Netflix already sets the renewal for the third instalment, so there’s no point of worry for fans in that sense.

However, Ever since that announcement, there’s been no progress in revealing the release dates. Also, the format ensures that there are 20 new episodes in the works. The first season was with two parts with ten episodes each. After the situation of the virus and the pandemic, obviously we’ll see some further delay.

At the time, projections will point towards an Early-2021 premiere with Season-2 Part-1.

Disenchantment Season 3 Media1
After the first season, there’s also a communication lag between officials and fans from Disenchantment.

Reactions over Disenchantment franchise so far:-

What makes Disenchantment distict from Futurama or the Simpsons, apart from only having 20 episodes so far, and a season-long story, to boot. However, it is the fact that both of those don’t have a main character that lives to make an important statement.

This isn’t a movie, instead, this is a series that should stay for a long time. The first season brought us into this world and gave us a shovel. It didn’t waste ten or twenty episodes by running all around and barely scraping over everywhere. We have avenues to explore, people to meet, and a home to come back to that will be familiar and loved.

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