What Distance You Can Expect Electric Bike Go On A Full Charge?

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Summer is the right time to enjoy outdoor activities. Enjoying a bike ride is truly a lot of fun – especially if you ride an electric bike. Why? That is even more interesting because you can go some longer distances. However, since we know that the e-bike runs helped out with a battery, the question arises: What distance can we ride on a full charge?

If You Have Thought Of Getting An E-Bike – Now Is The Right Time

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The summer has arrived, but also, the current epidemiological and economic situation has made the majority of the population seriously think about the economy at all levels. This is especially pronounced when we think about the possibilities of more favorable and environmentally friendly transport. That’s why maybe it’s the right time to get an e-bike if you’ve been thinking about it. Electric bicycles can be a great alternative and a perfect solution for quick and easy-going work, shopping – or just having a good recreation. With an electric bicycle, it is possible to easily cross the hill, avoid serious city crowds – and quickly reach the desired distance. The economy is certainly the key factor – so depending on what kind of an electric bicycle you have, with just one battery charge, it is possible to sometimes cover serious mileage.

What Distance Can I Go With One Full Charge?

That is the question that most users ask when purchasing an electric bicycle. The true answer to this question is: It all depends on several factors, and above all on the model of the bike – as well as your effort. Namely, we already know that these bicycles are using a battery-powered engine. However, it is necessary to know that the driver himself has an impact here. You are turning the pedals giving your e-bicycle some extra power – of course, depending on your physical capacity. That means that the e-bike engine usually does not run at its full capacity – but you also contribute to it to some extent. There is also a question of speed. According to the law on the use of these bikes in traffic, which is similar in most countries – riding these two-wheelers with the assistance of the engine is limited, usually to 25 km / h. Acceleration is done by the driver – so the more you accelerate, the more the battery will discharge. Some companies have done specific tests of battery life in electric bicycles – so today, certain models can go up to 200 km with just one charge. Still, most have an average distance of 50-100km with one full charge.

How To Get The Best Out Of Your E-Bike’s Battery?

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Being left without support in the middle of an unknown area is probably the No.1 thing cyclists would wish to avoid when riding electric bicycles. The good thing is that, at least, the situation is not like when running out of gasoline. Namely, in such a situation, although it’s a rather heavy bike, you can still bring it home. Still, you won’t have fun with it, that’s for sure. So, here’s what you can do to ensure you have enough battery power to go where you planned.

  • Be realistic when it comes to the capacity of the battery

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Different electric bicycles have various batteries. According to Scooteretti, whatever bike you own, it likely has an estimated battery range stated by the manufacturer. Do not blindly believe that! It’s not like it isn’t true – but still, the capacity of the battery that manufacturers state in their instructions – almost always takes the best possible case scenario. When saying that such a bike can cover 100 km, it usually means on flat terrain,50 kg rider, and sunny weather. From this, you can conclude that driving conditions play a big role in battery range.

  • Keep your battery charged

This is something so basic that we shouldn’t even say it. Still, it is important to emphasize it. You may cross the desired route without recharging your bike but if you agree on a longer ride with your friends, and your bike is not charged – you may face a low-battery situation. So always be prepared.

  • Take the charger with you or get an extra one

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Packing your charger with you when going for a ride will make your ride almost unlimited. Most coffee shops and restaurants won’t mind you re-charge and refill while having a coffee break – and they are not so heavy. Alternatively, if you often use your bike to get you from point A to point B – you can get a spare one and have it in both locations – so you’re always ready for every situation.

  • Choose a plain route

Nothing wastes the battery life of an e-bike like riding uphill. You’ll always need to increase engine power support in one or two ways more – which consumes more battery. If you get to choose between a shorter and hilly route or a longer and flatter one – you will see the flatter route consumes less energy, although it is longer. Of course, we must understand that you did not buy an e-bike to ride on the plains – but to support the mountain routes.


For all those who want to get an electric bicycle, it is important to get acquainted with some significant information about e-bikes- especially things related to the battery, which is the heart of this type of bicycle. Of course, it would be wonderful if our e-bikes could re-charge themselves. Then we would not have to think about all the possible problems – but we would only enjoy ourselves. In theory, it’s a great idea to charge e-bikes when you’re going downhill. Just imagine, you get some free energy back. However, in practice, this is much more difficult to do. Still, we must emphasize that this generally does not bother the cycling audience that uses e-bikes. On the contrary, with the arrival of summer, most of them are already enjoying the ride. So why not you too?