Top 5 Places for a Fabulous Vacation on the US East Coast


Traveling always evokes special emotions. Residents of the United States are lucky because even within America you can find many historical, cultural, and artistic sights and national parks that will surprise every tourist with their beauty. One of the most-visited parts of America is the East Coast, which is known not only for the ocean but also for hundreds of other attractions. You can take your own car or find luxury rental cars in Buffalo NY with  and go on a road trip that will be remembered for a lifetime.

If you have your own vehicle, you can combine visiting several cities in one trip. This will give you more memories and help you choose your favorite – a place you want to return to again and again. You will be your own compass on your trip. Car trips are always providing for you additional comfort. You can stop at a gas station to grab a coffee.



The Freedom Trail attracts millions of tourists from all over the world to Boston because of its design, it guides tourists to 16 attractions in the city, including Park Street Church, King’s Chapel, Old State House, and others. One of these locations is Quincy Market, which will introduce you to the national cuisine of different countries. This is a great opportunity to relax after hiking and combine that relaxation with an excursion into the culinary traditions of the world. Since the Freedom Trail will mostly take you to Boston’s historic sites, you must visit the Prudential Tower separately. This place will take you into the future in contrast to the previous walk. Fifty-two stories, 229 meters high, a bird’s-eye view of evening Boston – what better way to end your walk in this city? You would be surprised by Boston landscapes and architecture. In Boston, historical landmarks await you around every new corner, as do amazing examples of architecture and “Boston firsts” that tell a singular Boston story. You will definitely fall in love with this city vibe, and without any doubt you will decide to come back as soon as possible.



With car rentals, you can drive from Boston to this city in just two hours. Start your exploration from Washington Park. There are several interesting places to visit at once: the International Rose Test Garden, the zoo, and museums. The International Rose Test Garden has been known for a century since 1917 for growing new varieties of roses here. After visiting the park, you can go to the Portland Museum of Art for an introduction to local, American and European culture. For a fuller introduction to the city’s history, visit the Portland Observatory, built back in the 1800s. To complete your cultural walk through the city, stop by the largest foreign port of entry for U.S. transit, the Old Port of Portland. The combination of the industrial working pace with the laid-back atmosphere of local homes and fishing piers makes it a special place. See it for yourself!



This is another pride of the East Coast of the United States. Just the name of the city indicates that you should come here and rent a luxury car. The most famous beach lines of the world, white sand, and waves of the Atlantic Ocean – make this place mysterious and magical. In addition to passive recreation, you can find many activities for the whole family or a large group of friends. The Miami Seaquarium, called one of the best in the world, will introduce you to sea lions and dolphins. The only tropical zoo in America, which is located in Miami, boasts more than 400 rare species of plants and animals. Also, Miami has many cultural or historical alternatives: Coral Palace, Villa Vizcaya or the Deering Estate will delight lovers of architecture and art.



It attracts art and culture lovers from all over the world. One of the attractions is the Walters Art Gallery. This museum takes its visitors on a journey back in time: exhibits from the 3rd millennium BC to the present day tell the story of human evolution. Another famous place is the National Aquarium in Baltimore, which introduces the inhabitants of the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, in particular sharks, dolphins, coral reefs, and other sea plants. Finish your walk with unique sights in the inner harbor, a place for the eternal life of historic ships that remain museum exhibits for visitors. The jewel of this “museum on the water” is the submarine collection, which tourists can also enter.



This city, unlike the previous options, is suitable for tourists traveling with children. The Walt Disney World Entertainment Center, consisting of 4 theme parks and 2 water parks, is a unique vacation city where you have to spend a few days riding all the most extreme rides. For those who like an alternative vacation, Orlando has its own Sea World. Giant pools create a zooming effect, so you can see ocean life up close. You can get into the world of art thanks to Universal Pictures Studios or the Orlando Science Center.

After this brief description of 5 unusual places in the United States, you can consult with family or friends, rent a luxury car rental service and leave to meet adventures. The main thing is that these adventures should be pleasant and in the company of loved ones!