Domestic Girlfriend Season 2: Natsuo’s family life and love life to take new turns.

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Domestic Girlfriend released last year and is being counted among one of the best anime series. It received an amazing amount of response from around the world and was critically acclaimed. Fans are now very excited to know about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.

Domestic Girlfriend Season 2 updates

The first season of the series premiered on January 12, 2019, and ended on March 20, 2019. Shortly after the first season released, fans have been requesting renewal. But, there has been no official announcement about the second season.

However, looking at the fantastic performance and huge fan base, it is safe to expect that the makers will consider a new season later sometime. Also, as per some sources, late 2024 can be a good guess for the release of season 2.

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About the series

This popular series is based on the manga Domestic Girlfriend which was written and illustrated by Kei Sasuga. The story revolves around the character Natsuo Fujii who falls in love with Hina, his teacher. Later, as an attempt to move on, he agrees to a mixer and meets Rui. Rui Tachibana, who is a very odd girl, offers him to sneak out. So, she takes him to her house and expresses her desire of having sex with him.

Frustrated from his unrequited love, Natsuo agrees and loses his virginity. Later, Natsuo’s father tells him that he wishes to remarry and the lady will be visiting them that evening. Turns out, Rui and Natsuo’s teacher Hina are sisters and their mother is his father’s prospective partner.

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What to expect from Domestic Girlfriend Season 2

Since the makers have not confirmed the second season officially, there’s no detail available about its storyline. However, we can expect more complications in Natsuo’s family and love life. Also, the confusing angels in the story will be worth watching out for.

Also, the first season left great scope for further development in the story and characters. So, the creators have a well-established story and tremendous possibilities. Let’s wait till we get a piece of official news about Domestic Girlfriend Season 2.