Frozen 2: Disney reveals the person behind the voice that Elsa hears in the movie.

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Throughout the movie Frozen 2, we all kept wondering about the voice that called Elsa from Ahtohallan. Finally, Disney has stepped forward to clear our confusion regarding the same. It has revealed who was behind that mysterious voice. Read this article to know that and many other interesting things about the movie.

Whose voice was heard by Elsa in Frozen 2?

Okay, so let’s finally put an end to your questions about that voice. Actually, as per the revelation made by Disney, that voice is of Elsa’s mother. Yes, that voice which Elsa keeps hearing is of Iduna (Evan Rachel Wood)!

In Frozen 2, which picked-up from three years after what happened in Frozen, we saw Elsa setting off on a journey of discovering herself. She continues to track that voice similar to a siren’s call. In this way, she covers the land and awakens some spirits along her way.

This voice, which played a crucial part in the film was however kept undisclosed.


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Why did Disney decide to reveal it now?

Well, to understand the story of Frozen 2 better or to guess the possibility of further development, fans have been making speculations for a long time now. Fans have been making guesses about the voice belonging to a spirit or Ahtohallan or maybe Elsa herself!

Having said that, the idea that the voice belongs to Eduna sin;t very shocking. When Elsa reached the glacier and came to know about her reality, it was revealed that she was the 5th elemental spirit. Also, it was shown that her powers were granted to her because of her mother’s bravery in saving Agnarr (Who later became Elsa’s father).

So, in Frozen 2, that was the part where it was suggested that the voice actually belongs to Eduna. But, people have been debating and guessing several other possibilities. Finally, Disney gave confirmation about this long debate.

How was this revealed?

This was done in the most amazing way possible through a behind-the-scene documentary by Disney. It’s called Into The Unknown: The Making of Frozen 2. The documentary also shows the ideology and concepts adopted by the team of the movie along with much other inside detail.

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If you haven’t watched it yet, you can stream it on Disney+ now! To get you all set for the documentary, here’s the official trailer of the same for you!