Gigi Hadid And Zyan Malik Are Back Together: Here Is Everything A Fan Should Know


The former one direction superstar Zyan Malik has again come in with the rumors. But there are many things which keep him alive for his fans. In which his relationship with superstar Gigi Hadid is prevalent gossips for his fans.

Now, there is a thing which is going viral in current days that Zyan Malik and Gigi Hadid are back together into the relationship. And the news is correct. Gigi Hadid herself confirmed this news a couple of days ago.

On the day of Valentine’s Hadid has posted a picture on Instagram with the confirmation of her relationship with Zyan Malik. Fans go crazy after reading this post though they are in ubiquitous gesture in which they used to take pictures.

There is news that Zyan is spending the lockdown of Coronavirus with Gigi Hadid‘s family. To get every information read our full article.

Is Zyan spending his quarantine vacation with Gigi?

Yes, it’s true that Zyan Malik is spending the lockdown of coronavirus with his girlfriend Gigi and her mom in the upstate, New York. To be specific in Yolanda.

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(oldie) camera roll finds ! ? #stayhome

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A very famous singer Gigi Hadid, who is the singer of “Pillowtalk,” has decided not to leave her mom alone. And after that, according to the British newspaper The Sun, Zayn was more than happy to go with her to stay with her mom.

Before somedays, a source has said that, “The property is lovely and Zayn has known Gigi’s family for years. But he’s now spending loads of time with them. And there’s no chance of him being able to return to his home in central New York.”

“Thankfully, there is plenty of space up there, so they can go outside and keep their distance.”

Zyan and gigi
they posted a picture together

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History of Zyan and Gigi

The couple shares a very long history. They have dated before this time. They first met in 2015 and were together until the end of 2018. After that, there is no news that they are dating together, but they do meet again and again. In 2019, finally, they broke up the relationship.

But now they decided to date each other again. Finally, it is good news for their fans. And for now we can assume that the relationship between them will work for a long, long time.

Gigi Hadid on Zyan Malik


A very famous youtube personality Jake Paul criticise the Zyan Malik for his height and attitude on social media. Immediately. Gigi Hadid has pointed out to everyone that Jack is merely jealous of Zyan. There is nothing wrong with the attitude of Zyan Malik. And also added that, ” Zayn doesn’t care about him or his Youtube groupies, that doesn’t mean he has a bad attitude”

Now, its good to see they both together again. We hope that this time they will take along. Stay tuned with us to get to know more about Zyan and Gigi and their relationship.