Goblin Slayer Season 2:Release Date,Plot and Other Updates that you should know


Goblin Slayer is a Japanese fantasy, light novel, anime series. Kumo Kagyu is a writer, and Noboru Kannatsuki is an illustrator. It is the story of gold and glory. An inexperienced girl joins her first adventuring party, but comes into danger. As the rest of her party is wipe out, Goblin Slayer saved him.

Goblin Slayer Season 2

Season 1 is released on October 7 and wind up on December 30, 2018. Season 1 has 12 episodes that have a good response from the audience. IMDb rating is quite impressive, 7.5/10.

In the last episode, when a final title card showed in the end credits. That point towards the next season.

There is no announcement of season 2 officially by directors or team of the show.

But, we can say that season 2 is confirmed.

Cast of Goblin Slayer

  • Goblin Slayer (Goburin Sureiyā)
  • Priestess (Onna Shinkan)
  • High Elf Archer (Erufu)
  • Dwarf Shaman (Dowāfu)
  • Lizard Priest (Rizādoman)
  • Cow Girl (Ushikai Musume)
  • Guild Girl (Uketsukejō)
  • Noble Fencer (Nōburu Fensā)
  • Spearman (Yari Tsukai)
  • Witch (Majo)
  • Sword Maiden (Tsurugi no Otome)

Their might few new characters will add to the season 2.

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Release Of Season 2

If you like anime show very much, then it is bad news for you. Why? Because for the season, you need to wait too long. The world is under the pandemic of the coronavirus. Due to that, there is a worldwide lockdown.

Goblin Slayer: Goblin’s Crown feature film was released on February 1, 2024. We are expecting season 2 in 2024. Season 2 might get delay. AT this time, the dubbing of the show is difficult. It is also a reason for the delay.

I hope we can see this show as early as possible.

Where To Watch This Show?

Some people don’t know that where is this show is available. The audience thinks that this show might stream on Netflix or Amazone Prime, but they are wrong. If you want to watch this japanize animation show. Then you need to go to FUNimation or Crunchyroll.


The second season will also available on FUNimation or Crunchyroll, not on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Trailer of Season 2 Is Available now?

Unfournetly, the answer is no. There is no trailer available for season 2.There are some false trailers are spreading all over. For the official trailer, you need to wait for some time. And if you are bored, then watch the season one once again and wait for the season 2.If any new updates regarding this, we will let you know.

Stay tuned for more updates.