Heartland Docs DVM: Airdate, Plot and more!


If we talk about unscripted shows, very few of them last an impression. Heartland Docs DVM is one of them. The show was aired on Nat Geo Wild on 25 January 2024.

The famous show documents the lives of animal lover couples who believe every animal’s life is worth saving—Ben, who was a former basketball player and met her love at Ervin at a vet school.

The show got a decent rating from critics and immensely loved by its audience. The exhibition includes many beautiful creatures such as cows, goats, hens, dogs, and deers.

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Heartland Docs DVM Season 2: Airdate and Plot

Heartland Docs DVM was positively welcomed and appreciated by the audience. Based on its response Nat Geo Wild has renewed Heartland for the second season.

Good news for the fans is that the second season will be premiered on 30 May on Nat Geo Wild, much before it was earlier assumed.

Heartland Docs DVM

The second season will explore the couple’s life challenges and their relationships, community life, and family dynamics. Also, it will focus on their Veteran off work, such as restoring old buildings and hotels.

We can also see their teenage sons helping their parents at work. They will also be adopting Veronica, a goat which they will look after.

Do we have a trailer?

Heartland Docs DVM

As of now, we don’t have any trailer we will fill this section as soon as any information pops up.