How To Eat Vegan Food While on the Road


Traveling is surely one of the ways you get to make fantastic memories, but things can become difficult when you are selective about what you eat. However, just because you are not eating animal-produced food, it does not mean you have to miss on all the adventures traveling offers.

In this article, we’ll talk about how can you eat vegan while on the road. This should help in maintaining your diet abroad, as well as discovering all the domestic vegan dishes each country has. Keep reading and find out more.

Find vegan restaurants prior to the trip


Before you head out and purchase tickets, be sure to do research and see whether there are vegan spots in the area you are visiting. This is relatively easy since it is done by using your search engine and browsing through results.

Besides, there are lots of applications related to food that you can use to search for vegan eating houses. Just mark up the location, and you’ll receive a refined search of every restaurant that offers non-animal products.

In addition, you can use travel blogs to see the experiences of other vegan travelers and prevent their mistakes. In case there are plenty of restaurants and markets where you can get your hands on such products, you should be safe for the trip.

Use the social apps

Social apps can be of huge help if you use them right. For instance, you can browse vegan organizations in that area and ask them for further information. That way, you’ll get first-hand experience and learn how to cope in case there is trouble.

Bring some of your favorite munch


Bringing your favorite munching products is extremely smart during your traveling adventures. Not only you are currently enjoying them, but you may not find them in the destination you’ve chosen. Bring plenty, but be sure you are not violating any flight regulations.

Be sure the snacks are well-packed to prevent creating a mess in your baggage. In addition, be sure they have plenty of protein to refill yourself with nutrients whenever you are unable to eat outside.

Get in contact with the vegan spots

Before you go out to eat, you can simply message the restaurants and learn whether they offer any vegan dishes. That way, you can easily know where should your lunch or dinner break be, and try domestic dishes which are specific to every country.

To save time, you can use the refined search method and write only to spots that already have dishes based on plants on their menu. There are sites such as Cruelty Free reviews, that are reviewing all of the restaurants and giving a score to the meals they are offering.

Even if the spot is not completely vegan, reach out to them anyway. There are lots of beautiful dishes that can be turned non-animal and be amazing. At last, when you announce that you’ll be coming, there can be exclusive dishes made for you and your companions.

Be sure your accommodation has a kitchen


Another way you can enjoy yourself while traveling abroad is by using your accommodation’s kitchen. That way, you can prepare your meals and be sure everything is made up to your taste. With lots of quick recipes, you can be fed and feel great throughout your trip.

For that reason, before you go on the trip, be sure you get accommodated somewhere with a kitchen. It does not have to be something extravagant since you only need a fridge and a stove.

Find out where the grocery stores are

To prepare your own food, you need to find fresh products. That is why you need to find where the grocery stores are located. Ask your landlord, and use maps to find the closest place.

However, the closest is not always the best. Depending on how big the place you are visiting is, you can surely find something great not too far from your stay.

Besides being completely sure the meal is made without any products of animal origin, you’ll save a lot rather than eating out.

Learn a couple of lines from the domestic language


Learning a bit of the domestic language of the country you are visiting is always a great idea. It makes your experience better and the locals will surely be excited about your effort. In addition, being a vegan makes it difficult to explain to people what your diet is.

If you cannot learn enough to explain yourself, you can always use translating tools. For example, you can write the phrase and let the program translate it for you. That way, you will explain what you want your meal to be and prevent eating something you usually don’t.

Be sure you bring your own cosmetics

While traveling, you should be sure you have all your cosmetics with you. Not only you are used to them, but if you care about them being vegan, you might not find them in the visiting destination, and you’ll be forced to use products you are not comfortable with.

Be sure they are small enough to fit in your travel cosmetic bag. In case you are not able to find small products you favor, consider getting empty bottles and filling them in manually. The bottles should be approved by the traveling agency to prevent unwanted situations during transit.

Travel with transportation methods that offer vegan dishes


Imagine traveling somewhere distant and far from your country, and there are no vegan meals available. You’ll have to starve yourself and that will ruin your experience to the maximum. For that reason, be sure you are traveling with a transportation method that is offering dishes based on plants.

Usually, most flight companies have a couple of vegan options. However, be sure to request the meal type during the ticket-purchasing process. This will have the flight company prepared for your meal type and provide a great experience for the beginning of your trip.